How Interior Design Render Increase Profits for Interior Designers

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3D Archviz, putting it in simple terms, is short for 3D Architectural Visualization. Clients may not be the most adept at abstracting the detailed description or artistic representation you have of any space, no matter how good it is. 3D Archviz is the modern tool to help immerse the clients in any beautiful concept an interior designer can come up with. They not only representing the interior of a space, or the environment perfectly harmonious and functional. No, the job of an interior designer is to bring the client’s dream into reality, something desirable and appealing. Something that clients will love, and pay good money for.

Before we explain how this is an incredible tool to beef up profits, let’s dive deeper into what is 3D Archviz for interior designers.

Table of Content

  1. Different Types and Forms of 3D Archviz
    1.1 3D Renderings;
    1.2 3D Floor Plan;
    1.3 3D Animation;
    1.4 VR/AR Interior Design;
  2. 3D Archviz Project Profitable Benefits for Interior Designers
    2.1 Light Shining Bright;
    2.2 Clarity Equals Happy Clients;
    2.3 The Customer Experience;
  3. Long-Term Benefits of 3D Archviz for Interior Designers
    3.1 Save Time and Trouble
    3.2 An Endorsement for Future Clients

1. Different Types and Forms of 3D Archviz

The first type of 3D Archviz for the interior designer is 3D room interior rendering: realistic renderings created with 3D models to showcase the ideas of a project in a way that is instantly recognizable and compelling. It allows for a direct and straightforward explanation of any project, no matter the complexity, and to any client. If the client can actually see something that looks and feels real, then you know you succeeded. 3d model living room rendered 040008 1

For the other types, we evolve in complexity from there, but always using the same concept in one way or another: realistic 3D models are used to convey the idea of a project. This is exactly the purpose of a 3D floor plan – it’s a representation of the layout of rooms and their spatial relationship. This kind of Archviz is used to show the integrated image of the entire project and not only a single room.

The last great 3D Archviz for interior designers is 3D animation. This is where the project can really shine: when clients really feel like the project is alive. Animated 3D rendering can interact with the virtual environment, and showcase the functionality of rooms, appliances, and so much more. It can be used to transition the view from one room to another, and from one perspective to another. It’s the real deal, and it will impress clients a lot more than static 3D interior design rendering. This technique is certainly impactful, but also entertaining, which is always good.

Then there’s VR/AR Archviz: we didn’t list it earlier for interior designers in our list, because it’s mainly used by real estate agents for their clients to do a house virtual tour in real estate. Interior designers may find that this new technology certainly has its place, and it sure is even more impressive than all the others. It’s also a good idea for new interior designers, as it’s the new thing. Most of the interior designers focus on the big 3 of 3D Archviz: rendering, floor plan, and animation. So maybe there’s an opportunity to be had here.

2. 3D Archviz Project Profitable Benefits

OK, but how is this going to increase profits for an interior designer, you may be asking? The answer can be divided into 3 ways, each with a focus on creating higher quality results or increasing client experience.

Light shining bright

It doesn’t matter how many time you’ve been working on the project or how long you’ve been preparing for the presentation: if the client doesn’t see what you see, you are not profiting. Therefore, the more photorealistic and appealing we create for the design, the more likely the project can be profiting.

There’s one thing that only 3D Archviz can bring to the table is the incredible use of light, especially for the interior designs. After a 3D model is put in place in the 3D environment, it’s possible for the designer to then add the lighting and the effects desired. Proper lighting is the one thing that will tip the balance for a client to approve or disapprove a project. Much efficient and appealing than using photography. 3d archviz rendering vs photography benefits for interior designers
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Clarity equals happy clients

This is well correlated to the second reason why 3D Archviz is a profit machine: to convey better, clearer design ideas of the project. It’s all about creating an experience and immersing them in the design, and ultimately convincing them of the project’s value. The goal is to make your clients impressed by the design, start ordering and can’t wait till the day the design brought into life. The clearer the design is in their minds, the more successful you are in your ultimate goal for profit. This goal is much easier reached with 3D Archviz, especially if you go for the 3D animation route.

But there’s more! More long-term advantages an interior designer can take from.

3. Long-Term Benefits of 3D Archviz

Save time and trouble

One of the long-term way 3D Archviz will help you profit is by saving you effort, energy, and time in designing the perfect interiors. And we all know that time is money. The newest 3D technologies have all those modern-day conveniences we are all used to in other areas already built into them: 3D renderings are easy to manipulate, easy to understand, and use. By the way, if you are not entirely convinced, download some room 3D models HERE and start your own very first 3D rendering and check out for yourself.

Imagist3ds Bed 3D Model 3d model bed rendered 020002

Note: There are many 3D render software out there for beginners to learn 3D rendering fast. But if quality is what you and your company are always after, maybe let the professions do their job will be a wise option: Outsourcing to a 3D Archviz agency.

They look great for future clients

Also, can you imagine how great those 3D Archviz projects would be in a portfolio, how impressive it would look for clients and other professionals on social media and the like? Like we read book catalog before we decide to buy the book, we check the service scope and the portfolio of a designer before we entrust the design work of our dream house, the important project to the interior designer. Portfolio of the previous interior design plays a great role in this – to impress your client, to persuade your client that you are professional and reliable.

It’s the ultimate self-branding marketing tool for interior designers. It will bring more clients, as the projects will look amazing and people will talk about them.

The simpliest first step is to list your previous work by service provided, let’s take us for example. We narrow down our services to 3D exterior rendering, 3D interior rendering, commercial building rendering and high-rise rendering, so does the 3D rendering portfolio goes.

3D Archviz has never been so easy

Last, but not least, 3D Archviz is still the trend and never too late to start depolying one for your design. You don’t have to be the most tech-savvy of interior designers, and even if you don’t understand a bit of the technology (or don’t have the time to do it), you can always outsource your 3D Archviz to a professional team, like us! Get started on the path to better profits, send a brief and a quote today so we can start on your next 3D Archviz.