Top 5 Benefits of 3D Renderings for Realtors/Brokers

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Real state agents and brokers have the need to convey information to their clients that is unique to their business: it’s a visual process, rather than a descriptive one. It doesn’t matter if the real state agent is listing a property or on the hunt for one, the client must be able to see the property and be able to analyze it themselves, and then reach a decision as to go forward with the buying or selling.

Usually, in the past, that process was done either with regular pictures of the property or with an in-loco visit with the clients. Unfortunately, both methods have problems that are difficult to solve. Pictures can convey only so much information – as selling tools, they are poor and unreliable. Visiting the property in person would be the ideal solution then, but that is not always desirable (or even practical, as the property may not even be finished).

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There is, however, a grand way to overcome such difficulties for real state agents and brokers: utilizing 3D renderings service for the properties. They have the convenience of using images too (or rather, a fancy photorealistic digital visualization file) – they can be viewed anywhere, at any time, and as many times as needed by the client without the hassle of being physically there. But they can also be used for a property that is not yet entirely built, or for an unfurnished space.

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There are great advantages in 3D renderings for realtors, in this article, let’s explore the main 5 benefits and explain why that is the case:

1) 3D Means Clarity

For a Realtor, 2D designs and plans lost their appeal long ago, because there is a difficulty in visualizing the property in only two dimensions. The reason for this is that any space in any property depicted in 2D is missing a lot of information necessary for our brains to process: a fully decorated and furnished room is not a 2D image.

Abstracting one from scratch in our minds is possible, but extremely ineffective in the clarity department. Clients may find it difficult to do such a thing, as they are not used to dealing with the real state all the time. Professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors face a similar problem to this: 2D plans are just not that great conveyors of information that is, in reality, 3D.

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Those benefits from 3D renderings of properties also work for other AEC professionals in the same way as realtors and brokers, such as architects, builders & construction professionals, and real estate marketers. because it’s that much clear to understand the information presented (a new apartment complex project, for example), and thus share the information with other parties and with clients.

2) Advertising and Marketing Advantage

Another thing that 3D renderings can do for real state agents in the creation of amazing and enticing media for real estate marketing campaigns. With extraordinarily beautiful renderings of the properties, clients are more likely to give pause to what they are thinking and focus on the brochures or advertisements for those properties.

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The images presented in a marketing campaign must catch the attention of the client fast. In that regard, 3D renderings are something that can give a clear advantage in an increasingly competitive market, and engage with clients that could be previously unaware or uninterested. Such an effective tool can be the difference between good, converting marketing strategies, and a bland, almost boring one.

3) Making the Visualization and the Presentation Better

At the heart of the real estate market exists the need of the client to be able to visualize the property, the spaces, and the interior before any business is done. No one gets excited for – or considers the purchase of – something they can’t understand or can’t visualize. That’s what presentations are for, and they are especially important when dealing with new homes and apartment complexes: generate interest, and excitement, allowing clients to make an informed decision.

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With the 3D rendering of the spaces, interiors, and properties, these presentations can be taken to the next level, allowing the target audience to see and understand how it all comes together in any given property. From the property’s exterior rendering, it can be showcased with the current surroundings in mind, and from the interior rendering, the client can see how the space can be used once furnished.

4) Interactivity and the High-tech Appeal

Another great feature that 3D renderings can do for realtors is that there is a distinct appeal to the cutting-edge technology that will definitely impact the target audience. Clients are just that much more impressed with photorealistic 3D renderings.

Moreover, the newest innovations in technology will allow any real state agent or broker to present the client with more intuitive architecture visualization solutions: 3D animation, an augmented reality (AR) or a virtual reality (VR), creating a 3D virtual tour for real estate: if the client is physically absent, they can be digitally present. With that cutting-edge technology, clients have no need to book a time and be there with the client. All done in the palm of their hands with smartphones.

Also, it’s another aspect of how 3D renderings can take the marketing campaign of your website up a notch. Inserting a 360°virtual tour material on your real estate website can increase onsite retention and reduce bounced rates as your clients spend more time digging more content on your website. That brings a positive impact to search engine optimization and can drive more potential clients to your business in the long run.

5) More Time (and Money) For What Matters

Lastly, 3D renderings are here for real estate agents to save time, and therefore money. In a variety of ways, having a 3D rendering done of a real state is going to save a lot of time and it will cost a lot less than other more conventional methods used in the past.

Hiring the photographer, booking a day to do the shooting, and also being sure to take all the pictures necessary on that date – coming back for more pictures will be even costlier. It’s possible for one to do it alone too, by purchasing the photographic equipment, using it properly, and getting the right angles for the pictures. Possible, yes, but oftentimes impractical.

It’s a costly affair, to be sure. If it can be done at all. There can be no photographs of unfinished products, for those one would need to hire an artist to draw the showcase – or realtors could draw it themselves. Again: it’s going to cost a lot more, and the results are not always the best ones possible.

Not the case with a 3D rendering, because it’s a photorealistic depiction of reality. 3D rendering is the way to go for real state agents, brokers, and realtors that want to be the most cost-effective possible.

To Wrap Up

Comparatively, hiring an architecture 3D rendering company and having the property displayed in a 3D format is much more efficient and cheaper than older methods. The results are predictable, you don’t need to book a visit to the property, and you don’t need the property to be finished. You don’t even need to ever leave the office. You can do it online, right now.

Send us a brief of your project and get a quote – discover how 3D rendering can be a game-changer to your real state business.