AIA Conference 2024 and AIA24 Expo: A Comprehensive Guide for Exhibitors

The AIA Conference 2024 promises to be a landmark event for architecture professionals, bringing together leading experts, innovative companies, and cutting-edge technologies under one roof. This year’s conference, known as AIA24, will offer a dynamic platform for industry leaders to exchange ideas, explore the latest trends, and discover groundbreaking products. From insightful keynote sessions to an expansive expo floor, AIA24 is set to provide invaluable opportunities for learning, networking, and professional growth. For exhibitors, AIA24 offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their innovations, connect with a highly targeted audience, and enhance their brand’s visibility and reputation within the industry.

Part 1. Overview of AIA Conference 2024

The AIA Conference on Architecture is one of the most anticipated events in the architecture industry. This year, the conference will be held from Jun 5 to Jun 8 in Washington D.C. The event aims to foster innovation, facilitate networking, and provide educational opportunities for architects, designers, and industry stakeholders.

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Part 2. What’s New in AIA24 Expo

Besides Keynote speeches, presentations, workshops, and education, another significant AIA Conference highlight is the AIA Expo. It features nearly 580 building products and material manufacturers exhibiting at this conference between Jun 6 and Jun 7. AIA24 Expo has debuted five experiential zones to immerse you in what’s new:

The Inspire Zone: Ignite creativity with sustainability, new ideas, and social change initiatives.
The Innovate Zone: Explore promising technologies like AI and AR shaping the future of design.
The Design Zone: Discover trends, awards, and AI integration in interior architecture and design.
The Build Zone: Learn about construction materials science and collaborative project methods.
The Prosper Zone: Navigate business strategies for career growth and firm success.

Part 3. AIA Expo Categories and Exhibitors

The AIA Expo is a cornerstone of the AIA Conference, providing a dynamic platform for industry leaders and innovators to present their latest products and solutions. With a diverse range of categories, such as building products, building materials, building envelopes, and more, the expo caters to every aspect of the architecture and design industry. Next, we will list several top categories you shouldn’t miss:

a. Exhibitor Category: Doors, Windows, & Skylights

1. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems
Booth No.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 3625
Official Site: ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is a global leader in automated entrance solutions. Their extensive range of products includes automatic doors, high-performance doors, and loading dock equipment designed to enhance convenience, safety, and energy efficiency.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor assa abloy entrance systems

2. Weather Shield Windows & Doors
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 1349
Official Website: Weather Shield Windows & Doors

Weather Shield Windows & Doors cater to diverse architectural styles with high-quality, customizable windows and doors. Their product portfolio includes wood, vinyl, and aluminum-clad windows and doors, each engineered for performance and aesthetic appeal. Weather Shield offers solutions that withstand various environmental conditions while enhancing the building’s overall design. Expo attendees can look forward to discovering how Weather Shield’s products can enhance both residential and commercial projects.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor weather shield windows doors

3. Inpro
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 2455
Official Website: Inpro

Inpro is a leading architectural products provider that enhances building performance and aesthetics. Their product line includes door and wall protection, expansion joint systems, and privacy systems. Inpro works closely with architects and designers to deliver customized solutions that meet specific project requirements, ensuring both form and function are seamlessly integrated.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor inpro

4. Saint-Gobain Specialty Glass Solutions
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C — 2129
Official Website: Vetrotech by Saint-Gobain

Vetrotech Specialty Glass Solutions, operating under the Saint-Gobain brand, is a leader in advanced window and door solutions. They offer fire-resistant, security, and high-performance glass products tailored for various applications. Their solutions are designed to meet the highest safety standards, energy efficiency, and aesthetics, making them a preferred choice for architects and builders. Saint-Gobain’s innovative glass technologies contribute to creating safe, sustainable, and visually stunning spaces.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor vetrotech saint gobain specialty glass solutions


b. Exhibitor Category: Ceilings/Ceiling Products

1. Armstrong World Industries
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C — 3609
Official Website: Armstrong World Industries

Armstrong World Industries is a leader in innovative ceiling solutions designing and manufacturing. Known for its commitment to quality and sustainability, Armstrong offers ceiling acoustical tiles, metal ceilings, and suspension systems.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor armstrong world industries

2. 9WOOD
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 808
Official Website: 9WOOD

9WOOD is renowned for its custom wood ceiling systems that bring warmth, elegance, and acoustic performance to spaces. They specialize in designing and manufacturing wood ceiling products, including linear, grille, and tile systems.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor 9wood

3. Overcast Innovations
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 511
Official Website: Overcast Innovations

Overcast Innovations focuses on creating advanced ceiling systems. Their product offerings include modular ceiling solutions designed to be easily installed and configured, providing flexibility and efficiency in design. Overcast Innovations prides itself on delivering high-performance ceiling systems that improve indoor environments through superior acoustic properties and integrated lighting solutions.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor overcast innovations

4. Rulon International
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C — 1529
Official Website: Rulon International

Rulon International is a leading designer and manufacturer of wood ceiling and wall systems. All products are designed to provide superior acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal. Their extensive product range includes linear, grille, panel, and custom ceiling solutions, all crafted with precision and commitment to sustainability.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor rulon international


c. Exhibitor Category: Roofing

1. Fabral Metal Wall and Roof Systems
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 3147
Official Website: Fabral Metal Wall and Roof Systems

Fabral Metal Wall and Roof Systems is a leading provider of high-quality metal roofing and wall systems. Known for their durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, their metal roofing systems offer superior weather resistance, energy efficiency, and low maintenance, making them an ideal choice for residential and commercial projects. At AIA24, Fabral will showcase its latest metal roofing innovations, highlighting its commitment to sustainability and design excellence.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor fabral metal wall and roof systems

2. Duro-Last
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 3128
Official Website: Duro-Last

Duro-Last is renowned for its durable, watertight, and easy-to-install custom-fabricated single-ply roofing systems. Their roofing solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each building, ensuring optimal performance and longevity to withstand extreme weather conditions.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor duro last

3. Carlisle Construction Materials
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 3601
Official Website: Carlisle Construction Materials

Carlisle Construction Materials is a leading manufacturer of high-performance roofing systems, including EPDM, TPO, and PVC membranes. Their products are designed to deliver exceptional durability, energy efficiency, and environmental performance. Carlisle’s roofing solutions are suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor carlisle construction materials


d. Exhibitor Category: Fencing/Railing/Decking

1. Gibraltar Perimeter Security, LP
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 1829
Official Website: Gibraltar Perimeter Security

Gibraltar Perimeter Security, LP is a leader in high-security fencing solutions designed to protect critical infrastructure and high-value assets. Their product offerings include anti-ram fences, crash-rated gates, and barriers that provide top-tier security without compromising aesthetic appeal, withstand extreme conditions, and deliver reliable performance.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor gibraltar perimeter security

2. TimberTech
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 3363
Official Website: TimberTech

TimberTech is renowned for its premium composite decking and railing products that combine the beauty of natural wood with the durability of advanced materials. TimberTech’s offerings are designed to resist fading, staining, and weathering, ensuring long-lasting performance and low maintenance. Their products are available in various colors and styles, allowing for versatile and customizable outdoor designs.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor timbertech

3. Viewrail
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 4201
Official Website: Viewrail

Viewrail specializes in modern railing systems that enhance the visual appeal and safety of both residential and commercial spaces. Their product line includes cable railings, floating stairs, and glass railings, all designed with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic and are engineered for easy installation and durability.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor viewrail

4. Americana™ Thermally Modified Hardwoods
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 2122
Official Website: Americana Thermally Modified Hardwoods

Americana™ Thermally Modified Hardwoods offers a unique range of thermally modified wood products for decking, siding, and other exterior applications. Their process enhances natural hardwoods’ durability, stability, and weather resistance.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor americana thermally modified hardwoods 1

5. NewTechWood America Inc.
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 701
Official Website: NewTech Wood America Inc

NewTechWood America Inc. is a leading manufacturer of composite decking, siding, and railing products known for their innovation and sustainability. NewTechWood’s products feature a unique Ultrashield technology that provides superior protection against moisture, UV rays, and staining. Their offerings are designed to mimic the look of natural wood while delivering enhanced durability and low maintenance.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor newtech wood america

6. Fiberon
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 505
Official Website: Fiberon

Fiberon specializes in high-performance composite cladding, decking, and railing products that combine the beauty of natural wood with the durability of advanced composite materials. Fiberon’s products are designed to be low-maintenance, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. Their composite cladding solutions offer superior weather resistance, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor fiberon


e. Exhibitor Category: Lighting/Lighting Products and Services

1. durlum USA LLC
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 836
Official Website: durlum

durlum USA LLC specializes in innovative lighting and ceiling solutions that enhance the interior spaces design and functionality. Their product range includes integrated ceiling and lighting systems, metal ceilings, and acoustic solutions for commercial and public buildings.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor durlum

2. Modular International. Inc.
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 2811
Official Website: Modular International Inc.

Modular International, Inc. is renowned for its versatile and customizable lighting systems that cater to various architectural needs. Their product portfolio includes recessed, surface-mounted, and track lighting solutions that provide functional and decorative illumination. At AIA24 expo, they will showcase their newest lighting technologies, highlighting their focus on innovation, flexibility, and high performance.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor modular international

3. Sky Factory
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 4229
Official Website: Sky Factory

Sky Factory offers unique biophilic design solutions incorporating realistic sky and nature imagery into architectural spaces. Their LED skylights and windows enhance well-being and productivity by bringing the illusion of natural elements indoors. Sky Factory’s products are used in healthcare, commercial, and residential settings to provide therapeutic and aesthetic benefits.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor sky factory

4. WAC Lighting
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 4223
Official Website: WAC Lighting

WAC Lighting is a leading innovative lighting solutions manufacturer that combines advanced technology with elegant design. Their extensive product line includes indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, smart lighting systems, and LED technologies. WAC Lighting is committed to energy efficiency and sustainability, offering products that provide high-quality illumination while reducing energy consumption.

imagist3ds aia conference exhibitor wac lighting

5. Modern Forms
Booth NO.: Exhibit Halls A-C – 4222
Official Website: Modern Forms

Modern Forms specializes in contemporary lighting fixtures that blend cutting-edge technology with sophisticated design. Their product range includes chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, and smart ceiling fans that enhance modern living spaces.


Part 4. How Can Exhibitors Benefit from AIA24 Expo

Brand Visibility & Lead Generation

Participating in events like the AIA24 Expo offers exhibitors a prime opportunity to boost brand visibility and lead generation. Showcasing products and services to architects, designers, and industry professionals, exhibitors can increase brand awareness and attract potential clients. As a valuable lead generation platform, AIA24 expo enables exhibitors to collect contact information from interested attendees for future follow-up and conversion.


Product Launches and Market Research

The expo offers a platform for exhibitors to launch new products, demonstrate their capabilities, and showcase their latest innovations. This can attract attention from potential buyers and media outlets and provide exhibitors invaluable insights into market trends and customer preferences. This firsthand feedback can inform product development, marketing strategies, and business decisions.


Networking Opportunities

Exhibitors can network with potential clients, industry peers, and decision-makers. Building relationships with key individuals can lead to new business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations.

imagist3ds 3d interior design event trade show featured image


Part 5. How Can Exhibitors Drive More Traffic to Their Booth

1. Pre-show Promotion: Utilize social media, email newsletters, and other marketing channels to promote your booth before the event. Create engaging content, such as teasers, sneak peeks, or special offers, to pique attendees’ interest and encourage them to visit your booth.

2. Booth Design and Visual Appeal Demonstration: Invest in an eye-catching booth design that stands out from the crowd and effectively reflects your brand identity. Utilize vibrant colors, bold signage, and interactive elements to attract attention and draw attendees in. Additionally, create engaging displays or demonstrations that showcase your products or services in action. Offer hands-on experiences or live demos to allow attendees to engage firsthand. This experiential approach captures interest and encourages further exploration of your offerings.

imagist3ds marketing collateral trade show booth collateral

3. Tech Integration: Embrace technology to enhance attendee engagement and drive booth traffic. Utilize digital signage, interactive touchscreens, or augment/virtual reality experiences to create immersive experiences and captivate attendees’ attention. Leverage beacon technology to send targeted notifications or reminders to attendees about your booth.

imagist3ds ces 2023 booth design scaled

4. Promotional Giveaways and Contests: Offer enticing giveaways, such as branded merchandise or exclusive discounts, to incentivize attendees to visit your booth, hosting contests with attractive prizes to create excitement and encourage booth traffic. Remember to promote your giveaways and contests through pre-show marketing to generate buzz.

imagist3ds marketing collateral brochure product manual

5. Post-show Follow-up: Don’t forget to follow up with leads and contacts gathered during the expo. Send personalized thank-you emails, connect on social media, or schedule follow-up meetings to continue the conversation and nurture relationships beyond the event. This post-show engagement can help convert booth traffic into qualified leads and potential customers.


Part 6. Enhanced Engagement at AIA24 Expo with 3D Technology

Exhibitors can maximize booth visibility and lead generation by integrating 3D elements into their booth design. Utilizing dynamic 3D architecture rendering, 3D product rendering, and 3D animations, exhibitors can create immersive experiences that captivate attendees’ attention. Vibrant colors and interactive features within the virtual 3D environment enhance brand identity and product showcasing.

imagist3ds design blogs designers must follow featured image

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies offer attendees the opportunity for interactive product demonstrations, fostering deeper engagement and connection with the brand. Take Trex 3D case study, for example, a leading composite decking manufacturer utilizes 3D deck designers and deck visualizers to help customers envision their deck before purchasing. This not only helps their customers make informed decisions but also reduces their after-sale workload.

Furthermore, the flexibility and scalability of 3D technologies empower exhibitors to adapt their presentations to different audiences and environments, ensuring maximum impact and relevance. If you have been interested in integrating 3D technologies into your business but don’t know how to start. Imagist3ds is always ready to help.

Imagist3ds is a 3D visualization studio that has helped manufacturers in the building material, building products, furniture, lighting, and more architectural-related markets integrating 3D rendered images, 3D installation guides, 3D product showcase videos, and AR visualizers into their online or offline marketing collateral for the past 13 years. No matter you are a manufacturer offering composite decking, fire-rated doors, skylights, wood fencing, aluminum railing, roofing, rainscreen systems, awing, shutters, stone cladding, ceiling light, door hardware, perforated metal, outdoor furniture or architectural finishes, you can find a practical 3D solution that suits your business.

Contact us today to tell us your detailed requirements:


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Sending architectural plan, elevation or reference pictures help us offer a fast and accurate price quote.

Part 7. Strategic Expo Participation: Leveraging Competitive Insights

Beyond merely showcasing products and attracting clients to the booth, exhibitors can maximize their impact by actively engaging with other exhibitors such as exploring setups, specialties, and marketing strategies of other exhibitors. Like this complete guide on making the most of interior trade shows and networking, this proactive stance to visit other exhibitors allows businesses to glean valuable insights, identify emerging trends, and refine their marketing approaches to stand out in the bustling expo environment. This practical approach works not only for AIA24 exhibitors, but also for other events and trade shows such as interior design trade shows, furniture shows, CES, and so on. Let’s delve into how exhibitors can strategically leverage this immersive experience to elevate their presence and drive meaningful connections at the expo.

imagist3ds interior design event must attend featured images


Utilizing the Exhibitor Floor Plan

Exhibitors can strategically utilize the online exhibitor floor plan provided by AIA24 to pinpoint the locations of key competitors, potential partners, and complementary businesses. This targeted approach enables exhibitors to make informed decisions about whom to visit and when ensuring they maximize networking opportunities and strategic interactions. By using the floor plan effectively, exhibitors can ensure they visit the most relevant booths and foster connections that can lead to fruitful collaborations and business growth. The online floor plan allows you to filter by booth number, exhibitors, or product categories. After hitting on the blue “Search” button, all selected booth results will be listed on the right panel and the booth will be highlighted with red marks in the floor plan. You can zoom in and out of the floor plan to see its location.

imagist3ds aia conference aia24 expo floor plan


Competitive Benchmarking

Exhibitors at the AIA24 Expo have the invaluable opportunity to walk the expo floor and meticulously observe the booths, displays, and marketing strategies employed by other exhibitors. This firsthand experience allows them to gain deep insights into current industry trends, emerging technologies, and innovative marketing approaches. Analyzing how other companies present their products, engage with attendees, and structure their booths, enables them to refine their strategies and stay ahead of the competition.



AIA24 Expo offers exhibitors a multitude of benefits that extend beyond the event itself. By participating AIA24 Expo, exhibitors gain increased visibility and credibility, showcasing their innovations to a targeted audience of architects and industry professionals. The expo facilitates valuable lead generation, allowing exhibitors to build a robust pipeline of potential clients. Additionally, the integration of advanced 3D technology enhances attendee engagement, driving more traffic to exhibitor booths and fostering meaningful connections. The AIA24 Expo not only highlights the latest in architectural advancements, but also provides a strategic platform for exhibitors to achieve significant business growth and industry recognition.


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