CES 2023 Recap: Key Tech Trends You Need to Know

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has become a premier global stage for technology companies to unveil their latest innovations. Coming off the heels of CES 2023 which saw AI, EV technology, and the Metaverse take center stage, CES 2024 promises to again set the tone for tech trends on the horizon. As CES 2024 approaches, now is the time for tech firms to start planning how to make a splash and maximize the impact of this high-profile event. This article recaps CES 2023 key results and explores several cutting-edge products that honored CES Innovation Awards. The annual big event has attracted a group of investors, retailers, and enthusiasts to CES for networking and business opportunities. It is never too early to start working on product innovation and preparing for the exhibition.

Table of Content

Part 1. Recap of CES 2023
Part 2. How Can Attendees Benefit from Attending CES
            1. Retailers and Distributors
            2. Investors
            3. Enthusiasts
Part 3. CES Innovation Awards of 2023
Part 4. Why Should Technology Companies Exhibited at CES
            1. Enhance Global Exposure
            2. Validate Market Demand
            3. Attract Business Partner and Investor
Part 5. When to Start Preparing for CES Exhibition
            5-9 Months Before CES (April – August)
            3-4 Months Before CES (September – October)
            1-2 Months Before CES (November – December)

Part 1. Recap of CES 2023

CES, a well-known technology trade show that attracts technology companies, investors, media, and tech enthusiasts from all over the world, is held in January every year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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In the past CES 2023, there is a total of 2.2 million net square feet of exhibits, which is 70% larger than that of CES 2022 and has attracted 3200 exhibitors under 18 categories, and 115,000 attendees from 140 countries to this event.


  • Home Security
  • Integrated Thermostats
  • Accessibility Tech
  • Pet Monitoring Tech
  • Integrated Kitchen and Bath Tech
  • Air Purification/Whole Home Health


  • 3D audio
  • HDR video
  • Immersive sound systems
  • Cameras
  • Drones
  • Home Theater systems
  • Streaming Devices
  • Televisions
  • Accessories


  • Consoles
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Wearables


  • Vital-Statistics Monitoring
  • Home Fitness
  • Fitness Training
  • E-Sports


  • Medical professionals
  • Pharmacists
  • Healthcare analysts
  • Age Tech
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While CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, the products exhibited go beyond just consumer electronics. It has evolved into a platform for technology innovations across a range of industries. such as vehicle techs, AI tools, cloud computing, robotics, 3D printing, sustainable city, and IOT infrastructure, to name a few.


  • Humanoid Robotics
  • Machine Learning
  • Automated Workforces
  • Waste Reducing Intelligence
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Autonomous Learning
  • Vehicle AI
  • Agricultural machines


  • IoT, Remote Sensing, Cloud Solutions, AI and Data Solutions
  • Industry 4.0, and ICT Software and Hardware
  • Geospatial Tech, Aerial Imagery
  • 5G Communications, Satellite Navigation, and Communications, Advancements in Antennae, Transmitters, and Receivers
  • Education and Training
  • Robotics, 3D Printing, Light-Based Manufacturing, Material and Product Supply, Sensors and Automation
  • Terrestrial Aviation, Satellites, UAVs
  • GPS Navigation, Weather Monitoring, Satellite Television, Long-Distanced Communications


  • Blockchain & Digital Economy
  • Web3, Crypto, NFTs
  • Virtual World Engines
  • Multiple Access Points
  • Digital Twin
  • Haptics
  • Full Sensory Immersion
  • MaaS


  • 5G and WiFi6 (6G)
  • AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, VR/AR and Digital Twins, Big Data, Connected Infrastructure
  • Climate Emergency, CleanTech, Waste and Water Management, Solar Energy, Wind Management
  • Enterprise/IT
  • Smart Buildings, Innovative Materials, Critical Infrastructure
  • Future of Education and Work, Tech for Good, Cities for All, Housing
  • Micro Mobility, Mobility Service Providers, Last Mile and E-Delivery, Smart Infrastructure


  • Mobile Payments
  • Digital Financial Services
  • Decentralized Banking
  • Crypto-Currency Tech
  • Embedded Finance


  • V2X Communications
  • Connected Medical Devices
  • Smart Traffic, Parking
  • Emergency Response
  • Smart Workspaces
  • Connected Supply Chains


  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Management Consulting
  • Software as a Service
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Big Data/Data Integrity
  • Creative Agencies
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Focusing on the Human Security theme this year, CES features food security, access to health care, personal safety, personal income, environment protection, community security, and political freedom. Tech giants from different key categories, such as automotive, digital health, sustainability, Metaverse/Web 3.0, and AR/VR have launched innovative products. CES also featured the latest tech in accessibility, with innovation helping those in the disability community.

Part 2. How Can Attendees Benefit from Attending the CES

CES stands as an unparalleled gathering of technological marvels, where the world’s most innovative minds converge to showcase cutting-edge products and groundbreaking advancements. Each year, tech product distributors, investors, and enthusiasts embark on this major tech event that is tailor-made to cater to their aspirations and interests.

1. Retailers and Distributors

CES offers an unparalleled opportunity for retailers and distributors to discover innovative new products and technologies for their portfolios. The vast array of gadgets, devices, and cutting-edge innovations on display provides a glimpse into the future of consumer electronics and technology. Retailers and distributors who come for product sourcing can get hands-on experience with products and assess their appeal and quality before making decisions about carrying them.

In addition, CES allows retailers and distributors to gain invaluable insights into the latest industry trends and consumer preferences. By walking the exhibition floors and attending industry talks, they can align their product offerings with emerging market demand. The trends spotted at CES today are the products that will fly off shelves tomorrow.

Just as importantly, CES facilitates vital networking and business development opportunities. Retailers and distributors can connect with both manufacturers and suppliers to foster partnerships, negotiate distribution deals, and explore strategic alliances. The connections made at CES can become the foundation for long-term business relationships.

2. Investors

CES offers investors an exclusive glimpse into emerging innovations before they hit the mainstream. By walking the exhibition floors, investors gain early access to cutting-edge startups and technologies that could become the high-growth opportunities of tomorrow. Investors can discover these potential investments before the rest of the market catches on.

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The conference also facilitates invaluable networking opportunities with entrepreneurs. Investors can interact directly with startup founders to understand their visions, evaluate teams, and assess investment prospects. By encountering a diverse range of startups and technologies, investors tap into valuable deal flow. CES serves as a breeding ground for potential partnerships and co-investment opportunities. The right connections made at the conference can align investors with the deals that best fit their interests.

3. Enthusiasts

CES provides technology fans with a sneak peek at the products and ideas that may one day be part of daily life. In addition, enthusiasts can get hands-on experience with the latest tech products and try them out firsthand. CES also provides invaluable learning opportunities for tech enthusiasts.

Just as importantly, CES fosters an energetic community around innovation, allowing enthusiasts to connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion. Through keynotes and sessions led by industry experts, attendees can expand their knowledge about emerging tech. Enthusiasts can leave the conference armed with insights and a deeper understanding of current and upcoming trends.

Part 3. CES Innovation Awards of 2023

CES innovation award is a prestigious recognition program organized by the Consumer Technology Association, and judged by a group of designers, engineers, and industry experts. The judges assess the submitted products based on their aesthetics, engineering qualities, user value, intended use, innovation, and impact on the consumer technology market. Spanning smart homes, wearables, audio, automotive, gaming, and more, CES attracts tech companies to come and showcase their latest innovations. Here are a few of the innovation award honorees:

YogaBook 9i, the all-screen Windows laptop from Lenovo, breaks boundaries by replacing the traditional keyboard with a second 13.3-inch OLED touchscreen display. By utilizing intuitive swipe gestures, the bottom screen transforms into a customizable virtual keyboard and trackpad for efficient typing. While mastering the gestures requires practice, the adaptable dual-touchscreen design enables creative new ways of working.

ces2023 yoga book 9i lenovo

HAPTA, the handheld, ultra-precise smart makeup applicator from L’Oréal, is an accessible device that enables users with limited mobility to apply lipstick independently. Through motion controls and customizable attachments, it stabilizes and levels lipstick as the user guides it to their mouth. By reducing shakiness, this innovative gadget empowers people with dexterity challenges to put on lipstick with ease.

ces2023 hapta loreal

Nature X, one of the innovation award honorees of CES 2023 (Smart Home Sector), revolutionizes home automation as an all-in-one desktop controller that integrates a diverse range of smart devices. Its intuitive knob and button interface can command everything from lights, curtains, air conditioners, and music players – including both proprietary and third-party devices. It acts as a central hub to monitor and control the state of all connected intelligent devices throughout the home. No longer confined to single-brand ecosystems, Nature X breaks down barriers for true smart home interoperability.

ces smart home Nature x 3

Engineered for esports excellence, the Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor (AW2524H) ushers in a new era of lightning-fast competitive play. This 24.5-inch FHD display is the world’s first gaming monitor with a blazing 500Hz refresh rate, enabling ultra-smooth, tear-free visuals to maximize gaming performance. Built with competitive gamers in mind, it features NVIDIA G-SYNC certification and the revolutionary Reflex Latency Analyzer to achieve new levels of speed and responsiveness. With Alienware’s iconic Legend 2.0 design language, the AW2524H combines striking aesthetics with gaming-centric enhancements like seamless peripheral vision and adjustable height for optimized ergonomics and wins CES 2023 Innovation Award (Gaming Sector).

ces2023 alienware gaming monitor AW2524H white

mySkin F.A.I.N uses UV lighting to scan your skin and uses AI to analyze and detect invisible issues. It generates a medical-grade assessment of your skin with personalized product recommendations In seconds. This breakthrough portable system brings dermatologist-level analysis of your skin into your hands, so you can achieve professional skin analysis anytime, anywhere without visiting a dermatologist. mySkin’s innovative technology wins CES 2023 Innovation Awards Digital Health Sector and makes maintaining your healthiest skin easier than ever.

ces2023 health myskin

Part 4. Why Should Technology Companies Exhibited at CES

1. Enhance Global Exposure

The event attracts tens of thousands of attendees from all corners of the tech industry, along with an extensive media presence representing top-tier outlets. Exhibiting at CES offers technology companies immense global visibility and exposure. Moreover, if your products are picked out as one of the honorees of the Innovation Award, your company can gain extra exposure. This provides an invaluable opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their latest innovations in front of a vast audience. Companies can generate worldwide publicity and media coverage at CES while establishing brand authority and credibility by being associated with such a prestigious global stage.

2. Validate Market Demand

By showcasing new products and technologies at CES, companies can generate immediate buzz and interest in their offerings. Just as importantly, exhibitors receive invaluable firsthand feedback from industry experts, potential customers, and partners attending the event. This direct feedback loop allows companies to validate market demand, pinpoint potential product improvements, and gain insights into customer needs and preferences.

3. Attract Business Partner and Investor

The event attracts venture capitalists, angel investors, and potential partners who are actively seeking innovative companies to invest in or collaborate with. Designated B2B meeting areas facilitate networking with retailers, distributors, and other businesses to discuss new products and forge partnerships. By leveraging these networking opportunities, technology companies can secure potential partnerships, collaborations, and investments that can significantly boost their growth.

Part 5. When to Start Preparing for CES Exhibition

The next CES is to be held on Jan. 9-12, 2024 in Las Vegas, NV. There are 4-5 months left! I believe you have signed up for the booth and already started the preparation. In case it is the first time that you are attending CES, here is the timeline that you might need to check out:

5-9 Months Before CES (April – August):
  • Registration: Registering and designing the booth for CES is a crucial step for technology companies. Timely registration secures a prime spot and having the chance for obtaining an early-bird discount.
  • Travel Arrangements: Initiate your travel planning, booking flights, and accommodations in advance to secure the best deals and ensure availability during the busy CES period.
  • Product Development: If you have plans to unveil new products or technologies at CES, start the product development and testing process to ensure they are ready for presentation at the event.
  • Exhibition Planning: If you are exhibiting, start formulating your booth design, layout, and promotional materials. Collaborate with designers and manufacturers to create an engaging and visually appealing booth setup.
3-4 Months Before CES (September – October):
  • Marketing and Promotions: Begin your marketing and promotional campaigns to generate excitement and awareness about your CES participation. Utilize various channels, including social media and press releases, to reach your target audience.
  • Networking and Meetings: Initiate outreach to potential partners, customers, and media representatives to schedule meetings and networking opportunities during CES. Early planning ensures you can secure valuable appointments before schedules fill up.
1-2 Months Before CES (November – December):
  • Finalize Booth and Materials: Ensure that your booth design is finalized, and all promotional materials are ready for printing and distribution. Double-check that everything aligns with your branding and messaging.
  • Logistics and Shipping: Coordinate the logistics and shipping arrangements for your booth materials and products. Plan well in advance to avoid any last-minute hiccups with shipping logistics.
  • Reconfirm Travel Arrangements: Double-check all your travel arrangements to CES, including flights, accommodations, and any transportation needed during the event. Confirm that everything is in order for a smooth trip to CES.
imagist3ds ces 2023 booth design scaled

If you need any help preparing visually appealing marketing collateral for CES and more exhibition events, please feel free to come to Imagist3ds for help. Imagist3ds is a 3D visualization studio in the products and architecture niches that can help create a hyper-realistic 3D rendering, 3D animation, or AR/VR representation of your products even if it is still under development. We’ve served manufacturers and suppliers ranging from electronic consumer products, beauty products, automotive, health tech, and more IoT companies.


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Sending architectural plan, elevation or reference pictures help us offer a fast and accurate price quote.

For a more in-depth guide on how to prepare for CES 2024, please stay tuned.


CES can offer immense rewards. Let CES 2023 serve as inspiration for the innovation and creativity needed to make a splash at next year’s big event. With proper planning, creativity, and follow-through, companies can propel their brands, establish thought leadership, connect with partners, and drive real business value at the world’s gathering place for tech innovation. Use these tips to make the most of CES as a platform to successfully launch yourself into 2024 and beyond.

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