Frequently Asked Questions

Why 3D Renderings, Why Imagist3ds?

1. Sell at a Better Price
Do you agree that clothes sell better with a model wearing it? The same rule follows in the architecture industry. A rendered architecture can be sold at a higher price because it reduce misunderstanding, and gives the buyer a clearer view of how the house looks like.

2. For Marketing Purpose
Some of our customers prefer printing the 3D rendering and display on architecture signage to generate more interest in the project or post the rendering on their social media or official site as marketing materials as well.

3. Regulatory Board Approval
Development applications can be tricky. However, a 3D rendering helps to convince the regulatory boards, and neighbourhood that your project would bring no inconvenience but be an excellent addition to the community.

4. Start Selling Sooner for Cash Flow Benefits
3D rendering can visualize your properties before it is built. Selling your yet-to-be built property with a photorealistic rendering boost your sales, and gives you the benefits of cash flow.

Imagist3ds offers architectural rendering, interior rendering, 3D animation, 2D/3D floorplans and VR/AR at premium quality.

Our customers typically range from architectural designers, interior designers, realtors, mid-sized developers, and even other renowned companies in the world.

Of course not. Imagist3ds doesn’t treat clients or projects differently. We have handled residential, commercial, office and development projects of all sizes before and have also worked with homeowners who would like to have their current house refitted. We can handle any project scope professionally, and produce excellent results.

– We can be your backup in peak season.
– We assign your projects to a specific project manager for a more effective management.
– We give way better value for money – No staff welfare related bills such as sick leaves, rent equipment, staff training and you don’t need to think about how to keep us busy when there’s no project in slack season.

As many as you need! Our teams consists of a good number of skilled 3D artists and dozens of project managers to take up projects of any scale. There’s no long waiting lines and your projects can be done at premium quality simultaneously.

How to Get Started

Generally, a set of architectural plans and elevation or engineering files is good to start. These files allows us to provide you with a quote. Please, provide us a rendering brief with as much detail about the project included as mentioned below:

– The design drawings (CAD drawings of floor plan, site plan, elevations, landscape plan, etc.) or a 3D model (Rhino, Revit, 3DS Max, Sketchup, etc.) showing sizes and dimensions of the architecture.
– Site location, context photo and your preferred camera angles.
– Your desired material, texture and furnishings, etc.
– Sample renderings for mood and background reference.
– The project deadline.

After we’ve discussed and found out what your goals and expectations for this project are, we will begin the project.

Step 1. We build the 3D model and send model drafts (low resolution and with our logo watermark) for revision feedback of the building model and camera angle.

Step 2. After the camera angles and model are confirmed, we add lighting, texture, landscape and render draft rendering for comments.

Step 3. Once the draft rendering is approved, we render the high resolution rendering and add post production. The final rendering will be sent after the final payment is done.

Step 1. We build the 3D model and send the preview video clip to check the camera, path, speed and model details.

Step 2. We add materials, texture and lighting, and send key frames (still images) for review.

Step 3. When we’ve got the approval from our client, we make an animation draft video.

Step 4. Once the animation draft video is approved, we proceed to high-res rendering, editing and compositing, the final animation video will be delivered after the final payment is made.

Most file types, such as .MAX, .3DS, 3DM, .SKP, .FBX, .OBJ, .RVT, .STL, .DAE, .DWG. But we also accept PDF. files or sketches in JPG.. If you have other documents such as landscape plans, survey, site plan, material schedules, they will be useful, too.

Architectural plans are preferred.

However, we can work off sketches/drawings or reference photos with some basic dimensions. Actually without CAD plans, we cannot be as accurate. If we have the architectural plans in hand, we can import them into our model and can match the plans as precisely as possible.

3Ds Max are commonly used for modelling, V-ray for rendering and Adobe Photoshop for some post-production. Our skilled 3D artists team also catch up to the fast-growing technology, keep on learning and honing our skills for better visualization result.

1. Camera Angle
WYou can send us the preferred angle marked on the plan. If you have no idea about choosing which camera angle, we can send you some options. Also if you provide the background photo, we can match the camera angle with the photo.

2. Time of Day, Weather and Lighting
If you let us know in advance, we can usually match time-of-day lighting and interior and/or exterior lighting. You can set the rendering scene to be in the morning, at dawn or in a foggy day as you need.

3. Architecture Landscape
We can match most region’s vegetation from our extensive library to create accurate landscaping plans.

4. Furnishings and fixtures
Generally speaking no extra cost for interior furnishings and fixtures, but if you need custom model, some rendering fee may be incurred.

As mentioned above, yes! We will send a low-res draft rendering for 3D rendering project or a low-res draft video for 3D animation during the work for feedback. For the final work, we will attach an 8,000 px rendering after the final payment.

We use cloud storage like Dropbox to send final work to our clients. Please be informed that the resolution of the final rendering would be 8,000 px, if you need a higher resolution for printing material, please do let us know before the project starts.

  • 1. Include as much detail as possible about your plan.
  • 2. Provide reference images and let us know if you have any preference.
  • 3. Leave enough time. Even though we can accommodate tight deadlines, our experience tell us that a not rushed project usually enables a better result.

Please also be aware that any major design changes during the work process may result in additional fee and a delay of delivery time. So please recheck your plan before the project starts.

  • Best way is to provide drone shots;
  • Second is to use google map images;
  • Modeling to create similar environment is also supported, but the workload is much larger than the above two options.

Inquiry & Comunication

We usually communicate about the project via email:, (replace “#” with “@”). You can also contact us via Facebook Messenger, Skype and so on.

To make sure the 3D artists can focus more on rendering high quality work, we have project managers taking care of all the communication between the teams during the whole process.
Yes, we’ve taken various rendering projects from around the world. We have clients in countries like USA, UK, Australia, India, China, Japan and some other European countries. Our excellent services has earned us high praise from our clients.

In most cases, there’s no need to do so.

We have built an online, remote working pattern with our clients in the past 12 years. You won’t find any difficulties working with us remotely. As long as the brief you provided includes every needed detail, we can start the process the same day we receive the project brief.

Our project manager will also keep connected via email with the process update, and feedback follow-ups. And thanks to this working pattern, Covid-19 pandemic lockdown didn’t result in any inconvenience or delay of our project regarding follow-up communication or delivery time. Of course, Skype, WhatsApp, phone/web conferences are also available at your request.

Pricing & Turnaround Time

Imagist3ds is not keen on going after the lowest price point to boost sale. Quality is our utmost concern, like you do. We don’t take orders unless we are sure we can deliver the best quality we can at a reasonable price.

Moreover, it is hard to provide a fixed flat rate for different projects because all our 3D renderings are customized designs and made based on your specific requirements. The price of our previous renderings varies from $200 to $15,000. The price of a 3D rendering depends on the rendering type, project scope, numbers and levels of details you require (colors, textures, plants, 3D people, etc.), technical complexity of the task and the delivery time frame (for 3D animation project, video length is also a key variable for the price) .

If you would like to get a more accurate quotation, please send us a brief about the project via email and we will get back to you with the accurate price.

Generally speaking, 3-10 working days for 3D renderings and 2-4 weeks for 3D animation. However, same as project price, the turnaround time are different between projects.

Turnaround time varies from the number of views and details required, the length of the video, the complexity of the project, and the deadline you need your project done. More complex projects take a bit longer to finish. For a more accurate turnaround time, please send us a brief via email and we will respond with a detailed price quotation and turnaround time.

If you are having an urgent project, Imagist3ds can help. We have the capacity to handle urgent project at premium quality. We will try our utmost best to meet your schedule. Please highlight any deadlines you have upfront, we will try our best to fit your schedule. If you have a complete 3D model to send to us, that will help speed up the process as well.

Revisions & Final Work Delivery

We offer 3 revisions for each project. But in most cases, our clients don’t need that much – The work gets approved on the second revision. Be assured that we take client’s feedback seriously. Please, address all details needed and we will do all the corrections in one revision in a timely manner.

We understand that things change, and we are open to accommodate those changes. Minor changes to your project are free of charge. But if the changes exceed 60% of the project workload, we will consider it a new project and take possible charge as needed.

We highly recommend you recheck your requirements before the project starts to make sure your project is done on time as scheduled.

We have a portfolio page and a testimonial page with positive feedback from our customers. To maximize the satisfaction from our customers, we also stick to a dedicated QC process to guarantee the quality of our delivery: Our project managers check the result and ask for revision if there are any details yet to be corrected. Then, our QC manager will check once again as regards aesthetic quality standard of our company.

– Renderings: Any image file (.JPG, .PDF, .PNG, .TIF, etc.)
– Animations: Any movie file (.MP4, .MOV, .AVI, etc.)
– Virtual Reality: Can be applied to Windows or iOS system as per requests

The final renderings resolution will be 8,000 pixels by default.

As mentioned above, our final rendering resolution would be 8,000 pixels. If you need an extra-large finished size of the signage, please let us know before the rendering start.

Discounts & Payments

We run promotion campaigns from time to time. Please, check our on-site promotion bar to see if there’s a discount available at the moment.

Thanks for asking, that’s a good question. We can model your project from scratch but a high quality 3D model will help us speed up the process.

However, in many cases, the 3D models our clients send cannot be used directly due to the compatibility issue. We will have to fine tune or convert them into a supported format and sometimes, we remodel it from scratch.

But if the 3D Models you sent to us is a high quality scene from the supported formats, we can use directly for the rendering, we will definitely provide a discount for that.

Please send your project brief, our project manager will evaluate your 3D model files and give you an accurate quotation.

Thanks for your trust and your positive feedback. Please ask your client manager for a discount if your monthly payment amount is more than $2000. We are always open to discuss long-term partnership opportunities.

We require 50% pre-payment to initiate the project, and final payment made before sending the confirmed high-res rendering. We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Western Union and Bank Wire Transfer.

In the Payment page of, scroll down and you will find “Pay with Credit or Debit Card” button. Click on it and enter the credit card details as requested. Then, scroll down and find the option of “Continue as Guest”. Now, you can successfully pay without a PayPal account.

Yes. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with clients will be signed on request, and with all our employees. Whatever it takes, we will apply every necessary precaution to ensure data protection, including your images, any information about your company and projects.

In most cases, no. To protect client’s right of privacy, we are not allowed to share their project, especially those with NDA premise. To prevent intentional fishing, sharing client’s finished rendering for reference would be forbidden in the majority of our cases.

However, we have a portfolio page with few of our previous projects listed. For those listed on the pages, we have our clients’ consent and permission of project listing. To protect our work from intentional plagiarism, we’ve disabled images download feature on the website.

Imagist3ds owns the render, but the rendering/animation is licensed to our clients after full payment is done. The client may use the rendering for their website, future online/offline marketing materials however he or she sees fit. We only ask you to credit us if the image is published somewhere outside your website.

Moreover, we don’t allow the renderings to be sold to stock photography sites like Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Pexels, etc.

In most cases, no. But we don’t have a big problem with it. If you need the original files, please do let us know before the project starts. In most cases, we will need to adjust the price of the project.

Business Opportunity

Thanks for asking, we are open to any possible long-term partnership, affiliate, advertising or content contribution. Please email us and let’s discuss in detail.

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