For Interior Designers & Architects: Discover a Diverse Range of 3D Furniture Models

As the demand for visually stunning house interior designs continues to grow, designers or architects need powerful assistance to bring your design ideas to life. As a designer or architect, I believe there are times that you found you can’t convey your design concept to your clients or the stakeholders well enough as you expect. One great help that has gained popularity in recent years is to include 3D furniture models in your design and render your design into a photorealistic architectural 3D visualization, such as 3D interior rendering image, 3D architecture animation or a VR/AR virtual house tour. By leveraging the power of 3D modelling and 3D rendering, designers and architects can create, visualize, and iterate on interior designs in a more efficient and cost-effective manner than ever before.

Table of Contents
   Part 1. Key Facts in the 3D Furniture Model Market and Market Forecast
   Part 2. How 3D furniture models Make an Impact on Interior Design
   Part 3. Factors to Consider When Choosing 3D Furniture Models for Your Project
   Part 4. 4 Simple Steps for The Right 3D Furniture Models
   Part 5. Best Match: Imagist3ds – Your One-Stop 3D Furniture Model Marketplace

Part 1. Key Facts in the 3D Furniture Model Market and Market Forecast
The market report from Business Research Insights indicates that the global 3D models market size was expected to grow at a 15.1% CAGR from 2021 to 2028 in multiple industries including architecture and furniture designing and it is expected to reach $2.77 billion by 2028.

imagist3ds key facts in 3d furniture model market reports forecast blog 3d furniture model for 3d projects


Global 3D Models Market Size Statistic –

According to MarketsandMarkets, the demand for 3D furniture models has a compound annual growth rate of 15.3% from 2020 to 2025 and it is expected to reach $6.9 billion by the year 2025. The growth can be attributed to the increasing adoption of 3D modelling and 3D rendering.

The report also highlights the emerging trend of using 3D modelling in the interior design, architecture and construction industry due to the accelerated adoption of remote working and virtual collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of 3D modelling improves efficiency and reduces cost.

Part 2. How 3D furniture models Make an Impact on Interior Design
Facing the growing competition in the interior design industry, many future-minded architects and interior designers already adopt 3D technology into their design but sometimes they don’t get the result they are expecting as the presentation is not compelling enough without leveraging the power of 3D furniture models. Maybe there’s one more path you can move forward and give it a try: Leveraging furniture 3D models in your 3D design.

Now, let me share with you why furniture plays such an important part in your interior design project:

1. Homeowners Want to See, Not to Imagine:
Some designers focus more on the spatial relationship between the rooms but give the decision makers a rough idea of the furniture to save time (Sometimes, they make a sketch of the furniture on the photos/images and make a note next to them).

imagist3ds 3d design without furniture not compelling blog furniture 3d model


3D Design Project without Furniture –

If you are working for a homeowner on a house renovation project, in most cases, they are not only looking for rearranging the spatial of the rooms or the wall, instead, they are looking for a fully detailed design based on their house size, styles and spatial arrangement with the furniture included, so that they can add the sample furniture into the shopping list once the renovation has done, to make their dream house from the design paper to literally come true.

imagist3ds 3d design with detailed furniture blog furniture 3d model


3D Design Project with Detailed Furniture –

Leveraging 3D furniture model powers in your design project can ensure effective communication and eliminate misunderstandings with your clients from the very beginning.

2. Real Estate Agency/Investors Want to Marketing Their Properties:
To sell or rent the property at a better price and get better cash flow, investors and real estate agencies prefer to marketing their properties before construction is completed. Therefore, they are looking for a designer or an agency that can provide a detailed and realistic design result that they can print out and directly use as marketing material earlier. If you are bidding against another person or agency, the one who offers a more detailed-ready result of the house design as a value-added service might easier stand out more if your price quotation, turnaround time and experience are on par with other competitors.

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Real Estate Agents Marketing Properties –


3. Beef up Your Portfolio for Personal Brand Awareness
Another quick tip for young architects is to add previous work to your portfolio and beef up your CV to gain more projects. Include the most suitable and trendy furniture, and fixtures and add necessary post-production to make sure you treat every project as your best. Keep in mind that be as picky about the final result as possible and include them in the portfolio. They tell everything when you are bidding on new projects.

imagist3ds tips for yong architects featured images


Tips for Young Architects Beef up Portfolio –

4. Implementing 3D Furniture Models Don’t Necessarily Take Much Time
As we know, there are a great number of ready-made furniture 3D models out there for your option, such as Sketchup 3D warehouse, Turbosquid, Sketchfab, CGTrader and Imagist3ds. They offer thousands and millions of 3D models for you to choose from so that you don’t have to build them from scratch. You just choose the ones you need, download them, and just import them into your work.

5. Keep Up With The Latest Trends
Interior design trends keep changing. Include trendy furniture from IKEA, Eames, Minotti, CB2, Knoll and more well-known designers or furniture brands to make sure your design is evolving along and catching up with the latest interior design trend. Even for popular branding furniture, you can find ready-to-use furniture 3D models from the 3D model marketplace.

Part 3. Factors to Consider When Choosing 3D Furniture Models for Your Project
Finding the right 3D furniture models for your specific needs requires research and evaluation. One effective way to find 3D furniture models is by browsing online 3D model marketplaces. When choosing a 3D model marketplace, designers and architects need to consider several factors, including:

1. Number of options of desired 3D models and textures;
The accessibility of desired 3D models and textures is a key factor to consider when choosing 3D furniture models. Many 3D model marketplaces like Turbosquid, CGTrader, and SketchupFab have thousands or millions of 3D models listed on their websites. Even though they look giant and seem like they have 3D models of every industry cover, chances are, they have their own focus. For example, some online 3D models marketplace focus more on vehicle 3D models, some on anime 3D models and some on commercial stuff 3D models. Therefore, check the website category to see how many furniture 3D models they have.

imagist3ds number of desired 3d models and textures blog furniture 3d model


Online 3D Model Marketplace Numbers of 3D Models and Textures –

My advice is: Rather get models from a furniture 3D model niche website that has like 2,000 furniture models than a 3D model giant website with 200,000 total models but only 200 for furniture. Just evaluate based on your specific design criteria.

2. Quality and Resolution of the 3D Model;
Quality and resolution of the 3D furniture models are also crucial, in the previous article in Part 2, we’ve mentioned enough about how a detailed 3D design impact the final result, as does the quality of the 3D models! High-quality 3D models offer details and accuracy and are more accessible if you need further customization and creativity in the 3D modelling software or render software.

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Quality and Resolution of 3D Models –

My advice is: Rather pay for a more detailed 3D model with like 100 MB in size than download a list of free 3D furniture with only 10 kb in size.

3. Compatibility with Most 3D Software for Smoother Workflow
AEC professionals use 3D models for a different purposes. Some use them for their 3D rendering project, and some for a room virtual tour for Matterport. Therefore, whether the 3D models have wide compatibility with the most trending 3D software is crucial. Sketchup is such a universally compatible format that is compatible with software like Sketchup, Enscape, 3Ds Max, Vray, Revit, Twinmotion, Blender, AutoCAD, Cinema 4D, Maya, Matterport, Daz3D and more. You can easily import them to the software to ensure seamless integration into the design process and directly use or edit them if any modifications are necessary. 3D Models Supported Format


Compatible with Most 3D Software for Smoother Workflow –

My advice is: Only look for furniture 3D models that offer Sketchup format. Sketchup furniture models are such a versatile format for most 3D projects. There is no need to look for 3D models that cost more than 2 digits just to provide the most comprehensive file formats, as you typically do not need all of these formats, and can easily convert into the format you want when you need.

4. Reputation and Customer support of the 3D model marketplace
Have a brief research on when the 3D model marketplace starts their business. The one with longer business time has more insight into the industry and knows better what the trend is and what you exactly need for your project. Moreover, a marketplace with strong customer support and a positive reputation indicates that they care about its customers and offer high-quality 3D models and services. And, in most cases, they keep on a regular daily update to make sure the furniture 3D models are updated and catch up with the furniture trends.

My advice is: Look for a 3D model marketplace with at least 10 years of experience in the industry to make sure your demand are well-treated and make sure you have a hand to lend when any questions arise while downloading the 3D models.

Part 4. 4 Simple Steps for The Right 3D Furniture Models
Here are some steps you might use to find the right 3D furniture model for your interior design:
1. Determine the Style You Want to Achieve
Before you start looking for 3D furniture models, it’s important to have a clear idea of the style you want to achieve in your interior design. This will help you narrow down your search and focus on models that fit your vision.

2. Search for 3D Furniture Models Online
There are many websites and online marketplaces that offer 3D furniture models. If you don’t have a specific 3D model marketplace in mind, you can try searching for “furniture 3D models” on, rather than “3D models” to make your search result more accurate. If you are looking for specific furniture, you can try a more long-tail keyword, for example, “L-shaped sofa 3D model”. Look for models that match the style you need.

imagist3ds search for 3d furniture models online blog furniture 3d models


Search for 3D Models Online –

3. Assess the Quality of the Model
Check the quality of the 3D model by looking at the details, textures, and overall presentation. You can also check if the model is suitable for the level of detail required in your project.

4. Consider the Cost
3D furniture models can range in price, so consider your budget and the value you will get from the model. Some models may be free, while others may require payment. If you have a huge demand while wanting to keep it on an affordable budget, you can recheck whether they offer any discount or membership subscription. Usually, having a membership plan allows more accessibility to high-quality 3D models at a relatively lower price.

By following these 4 simple steps, you can find the right 3D furniture model for your interior design project. Now just download the 3D furniture models and import them to your design to see how it fits in with the overall look.

Part 5. Best Match: Imagist3ds – Your One-Stop 3D Furniture Model Marketplace
If you still have no idea which 3D model marketplace is for you and come to this paragraph for wrap-up advice. Sure, Imagist3ds is such a one-stop 3D furniture model marketplace that deserves your trust.

Imagist3ds: A Trustworthy 3D Furniture Model Marketplace
Imagist3ds, a reputed 3D model marketplace dedicated to the furniture 3D model category since 2013, offers a wide selection of high-quality 3D furniture models, including couch 3D models, bed 3D models, dining tables & chairs 3D models, 3D drawers, 3D bookshelf, wardrobe, side tables, kitchen cabinet, patio furniture, 3D bathroom scene and even 3D office furniture.

imagist3ds trustworthy 3d furniture model marketplace by category blog furniture 3d models


Trustworthy 3D Furniture Model Marketplace –

Imagist3ds has a team of skilled 3D artists creating and updating trending furniture 3D models even from famous furniture designers and furniture brands on a regular daily basis, to catch up with the interior design trends.

All Imagist3ds furniture 3D models are detailed created and curated to ensure high quality and accuracy but still at a relatively affordable price. Both free and paid 3D models are available to fit the needs of different clients. There’re also several membership plan options for interior designers and architects who have a large demand for 3D furniture models to get the 3D models they like economically. And it is developing a growing presence online and gaining recognition within the design and architecture communities. It’s now an ideal choice for designers and architects.

membership plan comparison


3D Furniture Model Online Marketplace Membership Plan –

In conclusion, using 3D furniture models in a 3D design project can greatly benefit interior designers and architects in various ways. By considering the factors mentioned above and utilizing trustworthy 3D model marketplaces like Imagist3ds, designers and architects can take their designs to the next level and stay ahead of the competition.

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