Marketing for Real Estate Agents: 9 Powerful Tips You Wish You Knew

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Marketing for real estate agents is a job critical but easily overlooked.

Oftentimes, real estate professionals tend to leave the marketing to the background, focusing on the more practical aspects of the business, only giving marketing attention if there’s any spare time. Agents must be at the top of their game in order to succeed in this hyper-competitive market after all. But “Those who stop marketing to save money are like those who stop a clock to save time”, as Henry Ford once said, and it couldn’t be more true in our current times.

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At its core, having business competitiveness is marketing’s greatest objective. That is very much true to the individual entrepreneur, in our case today, the real estate agent. But knowing how important marketing can be is just the first step; actually making use of it and succeeding is the real challenge. In the age of social media and online advertisement, tackling that challenge can be a never-ending process. One powerful weapon for real estate agents’ marketing is – 3D Rendering. Let’s dive in and see why.

Before we start, let’s talk about some important aspects of marketing for real estate agents:

Part 1. Of Authority and Reputation

Part 2. Where and How

1. Marketing for Real Estate Agents – Traditional Methods

#1. Real Estate Postcards
#2. Business Cards
#3. “Networking”

2. The New Way: Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

#2.1. Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents
#2.2. Online Forums and Communities
#2.3. Personal Branding Websites

Part 3. Never Stop Innovating

1. Render Service from Marketing Agencies
2. Get Photorealistic 3D Renderings
3. Online Advertising Campaigns

Part 1. Of Authority and Reputation

When dealing with a product that is very expensive, people will take a long time to consider all of the options before finally reaching out to their pockets. That seems to be even more prominent in regard to the real estate market. One of the deciding factors that will convince people to expedite their decision – and that any real estate agent should take into account – is reputation and is considered an authority in the subject.

The more clients you have, the greater the need to incorporate such a reputation into your marketing efforts. The idea here is that all of your online presence, marketing materials, and communications with clients, in general, must convey that. This is very important because as we said before, purchasing real estate is a business that people take very seriously. So you should be very serious about it.

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However, the marketing itself can’t be serious all of the time, as it may become boring and just not convert into sales at all. Marketing must be engaging, almost inspirational; it must have a positive emotion attached to it at all times. That should also reflect on the marketing materials and everything else. Clients will tend to buy if they are feeling good about it.

Part 2. Where and How

That brings us to one of the main concerns of modern marketing for real estate agents: how to deliver the message, and where. Some demographics will in fact not feel good if you are just too serious about business, and others will not even consider you if you don’t look authoritative enough. Marketing for real estate agents can be a balancing act, where innovation is essential, but you can never let go of the old ways of doing things.

In other words, you must focus your efforts on two fronts at the same time: traditional marketing and digital marketing. Some may say that digital marketing is the only relevant one nowadays, but that is not true at all in the real estate market. On many occasions, real estate agents will need to resort to the true and tested physical marketing methods in their efforts as well.

1. Marketing for Real Estate Agents – Traditional Methods

#1.1. Real Estate Postcards

A great example of a marketing campaign that utilizes the more traditional methods is using real estate postcards as a means to generate awareness of a certain project. It’s a more active way of doing marketing, as opposed to the more passive digital method: the real estate postcard gets to the potential client’s house, while a digital format of marketing must be searched by the client.

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You can combine both the old and the new ways, actually: print a QR code on the postcard linking to a nice 3D visualization presentation of the property being advertised, for a more immersive experience, you can also integrate a 3D animation or architecture VR/AR. It kills two birds with one stone: it generates awareness that a property is available on the market, and the presentation may convince a potential client.

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#1.2. Business Cards

Also, having a well-designed and fancy business card handy is still a valid way to draw attention in a good way. People tend to ignore things online that they are not concerned with at the moment. That is the advantage of a business card and the postcard: it will be physically in the hands of the potential client at some point.

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#1.3. “Networking”

Another very important marketing aspect for the real estate agent is generating personal awareness. People in the industry must know you, and clients must be able to look you up and find out pretty fast. Networking is ever a good idea, especially with professionals that are not exactly in the real estate industry, but provide services to those that do: architects, civil engineers, and public officials, to name a few. Therefore, attending real estate conferences, roundtables and discussions are the most effective approaches to generating personal awareness and getting the industry news and trends, and keeping your knowledge and insight up-to-date.

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2. The New Way: Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

#2.1. Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

But it’s very much worth mentioning that the internet of things is here to stay, and for some time now. It’s no different when we are talking about marketing for real estate agents: going online is a viable strategy. That’s also true for your own professional life, not only your real estate business: platforms like LinkedIn are great places to meet other people in the industry, for example. Social media platforms are the places to talk and share information fast. You can showcase your services, portfolios, and even limited-time offer for special occasions.

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#2.2. Online Forums and Communities

As we’ve mentioned above, property buyers tend to do their research and reconsider carefully before deciding to buy. They may browse around the online forums or start a thread to have their doubts answered: “Steps to buying a house”, “Ultimate guide for the first-time home buyers”, etc. If you are active in such forums and communities and offer useful insights, you are easier growing reputation, and becoming an influencer in the section or even in your industry.

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#2.3. Personal Branding Websites

Also, every real estate agent should have their own website. That is a very important tool, that is usually neglected by individual agents. Having your own website generates an aura of professionalism and commitment in a way that having a profile on LinkedIn and online forums just can’t.

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To engage your clients, you can also integrate some technologies: embed a real estate virtual tour element so your potential client can have a remote visit of your real estate before they have time to visit the open house.

Part 3. Never Stop Innovating

Marketing is an ongoing process: what worked for you yesterday may not necessarily work for you tomorrow. The traditional things may work great one day, whilst the digital formats may be fading a little bit to the sidelines; the next day it may well be the opposite. It’s a never-ending cycle of innovation and feedback. You market yourself and monitor closely for the results, and change accordingly.

1. Render Service from Marketing Agencies

Investing in marketing is also an investment of time. But time alone will not bring you the desired results: one must also invest money in order to achieve the expected returns on marketing campaigns. A good and certain way to achieve this is to seek out professional help from marketing agencies. Here are a few good examples of marketing companies for real estate: Titan Growth, TenXPR, The Bureau Of Small Projects, Brixwork Real Estate Marketing, and Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing.

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2. Order A Photorealistic 3D Rendering

Investing in ways to show the product to clients is another very important aspect of marketing for the real estate agent. Having a nice presentation of the property is key, and that is something you can achieve with incredible new technologies, such as 3D renderings. Investing in a 3D rendering project from a good and recognized agency will complement all other aspects of the marketing campaign, and not break the bank.

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Note: If you have a project in hand and would like to know how to start outsourcing your real estate rendering project to us, you can send the 3D rendering project brief or send us the architectural plan, elevation or drawings of the project to get the 3D rendering price list quote for the specific case.

3. Online Advertising Campaigns

Rome is not built in a day! So do reputation and online presence. The fastest way to gain an online presence is to start an online advertising campaign and run creative real estate agents’ ads. Those PPC ads on Google or Facebook can help you promote your services and products to the targeting demographics who are currently in need of your service. You can browse the Internet for realtor advertising ideas and look for the best marketing for realtors, after that, prepare two sets of marketing materials for realtors and run an A/B test for the campaign to see which CTA drives more conversion to your business and make adjustments accordingly.

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To Wrap up

Having a way to show the property to clients is the first step toward great marketing, and it is a fact that 3D rendering is the way to go. Want to know more about having a 3D rendering of a property you want to showcase? Send us a brief and get a quote today.