9 Use Cases of Real Estate Renderings to Enhanced Your Sales Strategy

Real estate rendering – The secret weapon to showcase the potential of your unfinished properties, attract more clients, and close deals.

The real estate industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, and one of the most prominent is the adoption of real estate rendering technology. Real estate renderings provides a realistic visual representation of properties to potential buyers. In recent years, the adoption of real estate rendering technology has increased, and the reasons are quite clear and fair: Real estate rendering brings realtors and brokers various benefits in property development, marketing, and selling. In this article, we will list 9 ways to enhance property sales by utilizing real estate renderings in your project.

Table of Content

Part 1. Real Estate Rendering Helps List Unfinished Space for Sale
            1. Real Easte Visualization for Space Planning
            2. Real Estate CG for Renovation Properties
            3. Real Estate Rendering for Listing Property

Part 2. Real Estate CGI in Marketing Help Reach Wider Audiences
            1. Real Estate CGI for Customer Experience Marketing
            2. Real Estate Visualization for Online Marketing
            3. Real Estate Rendering for Offline Marketing

Part 3. Real Estate CGI Helps Property Sales and Closes More Deals
            1. Capture the Best Angle for A Comprehensive View
            2. Display Depth and Spatial Relationships with 3D Floor Plans
            3. Simulate Different Conditions for Decision-Makers’ Option


Part 1. Real Estate Rendering Helps List Unfinished Space for Sale

1. Real Easte Visualization for Space Planning

First thing first, one key benefit why real estate visualization outstands real estate photography is that the latter’s hands are tied when it comes to an unbuilt or unfinished property. However, real estate visualization has expertise in bringing a yet unfinished building to life.

imagist3ds real estate rendering unfinished property planning

It involves the creation of a virtual 3D model of a property with building information to help architects, builders, and designers to plan the property with detail and accuracy. With building information model (BIM) technology, architects, builders, and designers can identify potential design flaws, address them before construction commences, and minimize misunderstandings during the design process. They can test different design scenarios to choose the best layout and design for the property to save time and money wasted on the construction process and transform property planning in a cost-effective and efficient way.

imagist3ds real estate cgi bim technology

2. Real Estate CG for Renovation Properties

Renovating a house can be a daunting task. Many renovators stage and showcase their renovation proposal by emptying out the entire space, including all the furniture and decor, taking pictures of the empty house, and using them as a basis for the renovation plan. This could take days or even weeks and is not always practical or feasible, especially for homeowners who don’t have another place to move into right away when the renovation plan is making. Moreover, moving all furniture out of a house can take a significant amount of time and money and cause inconvenience, especially for elderly people who live alone, which can delay the renovation process.

imagist3ds 3d design without furniture not compelling blog furniture 3d model

Fortunately, there’s a wiser and more convenient way for home renovation, using CGI technology: Creating a 3D model of the home, adding trendy furniture 3D models, and taking into account the lighting and materials that fit in the whole design. This enables renovators to convey the design plan clearer and eliminate possible misunderstandings in the proposal. For homeowners, there’s no need to contact the furniture moving courier until renovation commences. Moreover, having a real estate CGI helps homebuyers visualize the final look of the property, envision themselves living in the space, and have a more accurate timeline and cost estimation for making more informed decisions about their investment.

unit 2

3. Real Estate Rendering for Listing Property

When a property is vacant, it is essential to rent or sell it as quickly as possible to reduce the time it stays unoccupied. Every day that property remains vacant is a day without income for the owner, and it can also increase the risks of vandalism or theft.

imagist3ds real estate rendering online property listings marketing

Listing the property with stunning real estate rendering before the lease is about to lease is one practical approach to increase the likelihood of the property being rented or sold quickly. Because real estate rendering enables potential property buyers/renters to take a virtual tour from the comfort of their own homes without having to visit in person, they can visualize the layout, size, and features of the property remotely, minimizing any interferences with the current tenant’s daily routine. This can not only save time and effort for both the buyers/renters and the real estate agents but is also practical and convenient for those who are planning to move in from another city.

architecture ar


Part 2. Real Estate CGI in Marketing Help Reach Wider Audiences

Limited by time, resources, and location, real estate agents can only reach potential clients within their immediate vicinity with traditional marketing approaches. This has often led to missed opportunities, as potential buyers who live far away from the property may not be aware of its existence. With the advancement of technology, the real estate industry has seen a significant shift in the way properties are marketed: By utilizing real estate CGI to create stunning offline and online marketing materials to reach a wider range of audiences. Let’s read on to see how real estate CGI offers enhanced marketing strategies for real estate agents:

1. Real Estate CGI for Customer Experience Marketing

As a home renovation specialist, you can take advantage of real estate CGI technology when planning a home renovation for your clients. Compared with the traditional renovation approach, real estate CGI offers the ability to customize the property’s design and layout based on the feedback from the homeowner, with different furniture, decor, or layout options provided to make sure customer satisfaction is met and the renovation work flows smoothly within schedule.

Another significant advantage of using CGI for real estate marketing is the ability to create 3D walkthroughs. As property investors, we all want to know the full potential of the property and make an informed decision before buying in. Real estate CGI technology allows for an interactive experience in a way that is almost as good as being there in person, moving through a property, room by room, and getting a sense of the space, layout, and overall flow of the property.

architecture virtual reality exterior

Moreover, 3D walkthrough can be used in combination with architecture virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) technology to create an even more immersive experience for investors, transporting viewers into a 3D virtual environment that simulates a real-world property, allowing viewers to visualize how a space might look with different decor or layouts.


2. Real Estate Visualization for Online Marketing

With so many potential home buyers and renters starting their property search online, it is essential to have high-quality visual content that showcases a property’s best features and potential. Besides the virtual tours, 3D walkthrough, and VR/AR technology that we mentioned earlier, there are other visually stunning rendering types that a real estate visualization studio can offer: Such as 3D animation, 3D floor plan, and real estate stilled image 3D rendering. This wide range of options can be used on the official site, portfolio, and social media platforms to showcase the property’s best features with engaging content.

imagist3ds blog rendering resolution for homepage web banner

For example, before and after comparison is a compelling and highly engaging online marketing material for home renovators showcasing their previous projects: Create a highly-detailed and photorealistic 3D rendering and compare it with the property before renovation and remodeling. We’ve tested utilizing it on our website to compare the 3D modeling picture and our 3D renderings to demonstrate how detailed-ready and photorealistic our 3D visualization service can be, it turns out that the pages with before and after comparison sectors inserted have a higher engagement rate and have more audience retent.

Imagist3ds Interior Rendering Service Draft ModelImagist3ds Interior Rendering Service Final Rendering

3D architectural animation is another intuitive online marketing material that has grown in popularity. With 3D animation, it shows the potential clients around the property virtually, highlighting features of different areas, and offering the clients a sense of depth and the spatial relationship of the property. A 3D animation can be uploaded to YouTube to reach potential clients or insert into the starter screen of the official site to provide a surprising and immersive first impression to your clients.

When it comes to using real estate stilled image rendering as online marketing material, it becomes more versatile. A 3D rendering can be used as a header hero of the official site, can be listed as a previous work on portfolio pages, can be used as an article illustration on blog pages, and use as social media marketing materials for Linkedin, Behance, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

imagist3ds real estate rendering as online marketing portfolio
imagist3ds real estate rendering as online blog article illustration
imagist3ds real estate agents marketing linkedin promotion

3. Real Estate Rendering for Offline Marketing

Even though traditional marketing can have limited performance due to time, resources, and location obstacles, it doesn’t mean traditional marketing is dead. In fact, combining both online and offline marketing strategies can create a powerful marketing mix that can maximize your reach and increase your brand awareness.

Offline marketing such as delivering flyers, business cards, and brochures, is still the most effective method when it comes to targeting an audience in a specific geographic location or building a lasting relationship with clients who prefer face-to-face communication. To market this audience, you can use the real estate rendering you created for online marketing for offline marketing as well. Just turn to the printing studio with the rendering footage, telling them your requirement and they can do the job for you.

imagist3ds real estate agents marketing postcards

Printing informative business cards from real estate CGI when attending interior design events is also a great opportunity to network with the great minds in the industry, connect to new suppliers, learn design trends of the year, and reach out to your potential clients.

imagist3ds real estate agents marketing business card

Usually, a 3D Archviz studio will provide a resolution of about 4,000 pixels output that fits most printing use scenarios. However, if you need to print out an extra-large billboard material, you’d better recheck with the printing studio and inform the desired output resolution you need before the 3D render starts so as to print a larger image without quality loss.

Bonus Tip for real estate marketing: 9 powerful tips for real estate marketing.


Part 3. Real Estate CGI Helps Property Sales and Closes More Deals

1. Capture the Best Angle for A Comprehensive View

Due to the limitation of traditional photography, it can be time-consuming, risk-taking, and costly to hire a professional architecture photographer team to capture the desired angle of the property, which becomes unfeasible especially when it comes to capturing a high-rise skyscraper. However, in today’s world, there’s a better way to adopt real estate rendering service to create a visual representation from the best angle that accurately portrays the property’s true potential.

imagist3ds portfolio exterior rendering 136
imagist3ds portfolio exterior rendering skyscraper cbd 56

Real estate rendering creates a 3D model of the property from CAD files of architectural plans and elevation files, showcasing the property from the best-desired angle, offering the decision-maker a birds-eye view of the property and its surroundings. When rendering the sky and the property surrounding, some of our customers offer drone photography footage for our reference so that we can have a comprehensive idea of the correlation between the property and its surroundings.


2. Display Depth and Spatial Relationships with 3D Floor Plans

Unlike b/w 2D floor plans, which can be difficult to interpret, 3D floor plans provide a more accurate and realistic view of the property. It displays the size and proportion of each space, showing how different spaces relate to each other, and how they fit together, and showcasing the depth and spatial relationship.

imagist3ds real estate rendering 3d floor plan

A real estate 3D floor plan offers different levels of a property, including staircases, balconies, and mezzanines to showcase the space and highlight its potential, for example, showcasing the potential for entertaining and relaxation possibility for a large outdoor living space so the clients have envision living in the space themselves.


3. Simulate Different Conditions for Decision-Makers’ Option

A 3D artist can simulate different lighting conditions, time of day, and color temperatures to make sure stakeholders and clients can visualize how the property looks in different lighting conditions to make a wise decision. If you are working on a resort hotel project, you can also get a CGI rendering showcasing different weathers, seasons, and scenes of the building and its surrounding to attract clients to travel and check in here.

Dubai Project 3 gigapixel
Dubai Project 1 gigapixel
imagist3ds portfolio exterior rendering house in the hills 54
imagist3ds portfolio exterior rendering home snowy mist 100

Another advantage of real estate rendering is its ability to render the property with different materials and finishes. There’s a high demand for real estate rendering especially in the real estate developing industry. A real estate developer ordered multiple real estate renderings of the exterior of single-family, multi-family, apartments, and townhouses so as to offer multiple styles for potential buyers to choose from. You can also simulate different furnishes and materials including wood, stone, tile, and carpet for the interior design.

imagist3ds australia 3d rendering portfolio 25
imagist3ds australia 3d rendering portfolio 28
imagist3ds australia 3d rendering portfolio 22
imagist3ds australia 3d rendering portfolio 24

Note: To make the most of simulating different conditions for your real estate rendering project efficiently, preparing a comprehensive 3D rendering project brief is the key: Include the viewing angle of the rendering, weather conditions, time of day, desired material and furniture for each building in the briefing file, make sure the architectural plan, elevation, and reference images are also sent. Discuss the deadline and final render resolution before the project begins and inform the 3D archviz studio if you have other special requirements.



Real Estate CGI is revolutionizing the real estate industry, providing unparalleled benefits for property sellers, buyers, and decision-makers alike. By utilizing advanced technologies, real estate visualization is now an essential element in the buying and selling process, helping list unfinished properties for sale and offering enhanced marketing strategies for a wider audience. Moreover, Real Estate CGI is proving to be a game-changer in closing more deals and boosting property sales. With its ability to capture the best angle, display depth and spatial relationships with 3D floor plans, and simulate various conditions for decision-makers to choose from, Real Estate CGI provides a competitive edge that can make all the difference in today’s market.

In short, Real Estate CGI is not just a valuable asset but a necessary investment for anyone looking to succeed in the real estate industry. Follow 3 simple steps to outsource your real estate rendering project now:

Step 1. Find the 3D Archviz studio that offers a real estate rendering service. (compare their time in the industry, portfolio, workflow, testimonials, turnaround time, free revision, pricing, and output resolution).
Step 2. Prepare the project brief: Include the design files needed to accomplish the 3D visualization, including CAD files of the architectural plan, elevation designs, expected material and textures, and also reference images for aesthetic expectations.
Step 3. A project manager will keep you in touch once the draft rendering is ready. Send feedback as clearly and detailed as possible to avoid multiple revisions.

Imagist3ds is an experienced real estate rendering studio offering architectural 3D visualization services for the past 13 years. We’ve gained positive feedback from our previous clients for our photorealistic rendering, dedication to detail, and 1-on-1 project manager follow-up. We pride ourselves on bringing around 1,893 projects from concept/design to life. If you need our service, please send details and discuss further.

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