Recognize that You Need 3D Rendering Outsourcing

Last Updated: 12 months

If you are in the AEC industry (Architecture, engineering, and construction for those not familiar), then you have already heard or seen a 3D architecture rendering before. In the e-commerce industry, 3D product rendering is also widely used from manufacturing to marketing. It’s also very likely that you have already seen someone try doing a 3D rendering by themselves, or hiring a freelancer for their 3D rendering services, to no avail.

After many different attempts at obtaining a good 3D rendering for a project, one that could be the best possible one for demonstrating it to the target audience and the marketing campaign, it’s finally time to realize that what you need is to outsource your project to 3D architectural and product visualization studios that have a troop of capable and experienced professionals.

Recognize that You Need Imagist3ds Architecture Rendering Service as An Architect

If by any chance you are still undecided as to if you should outsource the project to a 3D rendering company, keep reading this article. You will eventually find out why it’s not only the best possible option for the desired outcome but also why you should do it sooner rather than later. Here are three reasons that outsourcing your rendering project to a 3D rendering studio will make you cross that bridge, and decide.

#1. Saves Your Time and Energy

1. Efficient Project Discussion

Having a 3D rendering is a very good way to save time when delivering the project to different parties, such as marketing teams or clients: there’s no waiting for a package to arrive at their office, only a file to be shared online.

Recognize That You Need Imagist3ds Architecture Rendering Service Project Discussion

2. Don’t Bother Learning Rendering Techniques

As the popular saying goes, “Time is money”. In the case of a designer wasting time trying to do a 3D rendering of the project by themselves, with free software, that saying hits the mark perfectly. Learning about all of the 3D rendering techniques and actually producing the best possible rendering will take a lot of time. Time is better spent on other things, developing the project. The amount of time and energy lost could result in some serious losses on the financial side. It’s almost always the case that outsourcing the 3D rendering is a money saver in the end.

The 3D rendering outsourcing industry is here to achieve where hours spent on forums online will not: a perfect rendering for visualizing and exploring your ideas. The 3D artists that deliver a great 3D rendering have the best training, qualifications, and experience that someone attempting a quick “DIY” solution during the weekend just doesn’t have.

imagist3ds 3d product rendering price by rendering complexity midium to high complexity

3. Deadline Under Full Control

Another way in which professionals try to get their projects done is by hiring a freelancer to do it. Sure, it’s possible to save money that way for a low rendering price, but the results are very hit-and-miss. Due to the nature of freelance work, some freelancers take on multiple projects at once, work only part-time on the project, and do not have the know-how and experience of 3D rendering agencies. Hiring a freelancer for a project with a tight deadline can be risky. Your urgent project might be still waiting in a long line when limited time is left.

And if you outsource multiple projects to different freelancers, the communication of the details can exhaust you. You need to keep in touch with the freelancers, send prompt feedback when the delivery is ready and check the revisions in time. You need to create a comprehensive spreadsheet with all the latest process of the ongoing projects marked down and keep it updated to make sure everything is as scheduled and under control. That can be exhausting, especially for professionals who already have a heavy workflow: Design, documentation, and construction.

DIY, Hire a Freelancer or Outsource to A 3D Rendering Studio - Imagist3ds Photorealistic Rendering Service

Outsourcing architectural and product visualization projects to a 3D rendering company is a good idea, as they will have project managers for the communication and project follow-up, ensuring everything goes as planned and on time and giving the 3D artists more time and energy to focus on the rendering itself and you have more time and energy focusing on documentations and constructions.

#2. Troubleshoot Design Bugs Before Construction

Many times, the idea for the project is not always clear to those looking from an outside perspective. All of the grand and magnificent designs are very hard to put to paper sometimes because it is not convey the desired message. Seeing the design with a 3D rendering is the way to go for visualizing it, given the amount of detail you can get with the incredible photo-realism of such rendering techniques.

Outsourcing to a 3D rendering studio allows you to have ideas be represented in whatever way you wish, no matter how simple or complex they are. Once the 3D rendering is done, you can visualize your idea perfectly on a computer or smart device screen becomes, and the project takes a better shape in your mind.

It’s the case sometimes that the professionals will want to explore those ideas further, experiment with the design, troubleshoot any design bugs, and do any modifications needed before construction even begins. Sometimes, an initial representation of that idea is necessary so that the designers can get all the details right.

Imagist3ds 3D Rendering Outsourcing Service - Architects and Designers Can Explore The Design Further and Detect Bug or Seize Better Solution 1
Imagist3ds 3D Rendering Outsourcing Service - Architects and Designers Can Explore The Design Further and Detect Bug or Seize Better Solution 2.

#3. The Market Demands Technology

People today prefer a 3D representation of things in the digital world to see and interact with what is easy on the eye, easy to understand, and in a lot of detail. They are now getting used to 3D technologies because there are fewer imaginations and they can understand very easily. It’s just that technology has caught up to the industry.

Be it by demonstrating your design to the clients, with a 3D rendering, it’s very convenient for the client to make a decision based on something that shows exactly what the project is, with the convenience of a screen, sometimes in the palm of their hands.

Imagist3ds Architecture Rendering Service The Market Demands 3D Techonology

Next off is the fact that 3D renderings are one of the best possible materials that can be used in a marketing campaign. Being able to easily (and in a very fast amount of time) customize every asset, every aspect, and every detail of the project to suit the needs of the campaign is a must. It will cut costs for the marketing department of the real estate company because they can use the finished rendering and display it on their portfolio page. The portfolio itself tells a lot.


Nowadays, it just doesn’t make any sense not to use a 3D rendering, and many already recognize it as the truth. The problem is getting the 3D rendering to such a point that it’s useful and pleasing to look at. As we have said, that is no easy task for those that do not have the skill set to do so. Going for 3D rendering services is the natural and logical action for the majority of the professionals out there.

Now that you know why you definitely need a 3D rendering service, send a project brief and get a quote for our 3D rendering services, and get the burning doubt out of your mind now.