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Welcome to our furniture 3D model library! We offer a vast selection of 3D models for furniture pieces such as 3D chairs, sofas, tables, couches, desks, and beds, all created using SketchUp for furniture design. Our team of experienced designers has worked hard to ensure that each model is not only highly accurate and detailed but also highly keeps up-to-date with furniture trends to meet your specific design needs. With our SketchUp furniture models, you can easily modify and adjust the model to match your desired style, size, and materials.

Our 3D models are available in various file formats, including OBJ, STLl, SKP, and FBX, making them compatible with a wide range of software and platforms. Whether you’re an interior designer, architect, or architecture student looking for 3D chairs or bed 3D models, our library has something for everyone.

At our furniture 3D model library, we understand the importance of quality and accuracy in furniture design. That’s why we use SketchUp, a powerful 3D modeling software that allows us to create highly detailed and precise models. SketchUp’s intuitive interface and robust features also make it easy for us to customize and modify models quickly and efficiently.

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