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  • 3-10 days turnaround time
  • 50% pre-payment
  • 4,000 pixels final delivery
  • 2 revisions
  • progress update by phase

3D Interior Rendering

Benefits to Outsource to Imagist3ds

Imagist3ds Portfolio Interior Rendering Hotel Swimming Pool

Skilled 3D Artists & Advanced Software

We have a rendering team who are experts in 3D modelling, 3D rendering with 12 years of experience. We know exactly what makes the difference for your rendering work, therefore, we stay tuned and invest in the most advanced software and abreast new architecture trends.

Fast Turnaround, Meet Deadlines

Time is money, we value your deadline as much as you do. Imagist3ds guarantees a quick and professional turnaround, and respect customers’ deadline. That’s why our clients are loyal to us and keep outsourcing more projects to us.

Imagist3ds Saves You from Worrying

It can be exhausting and nerve wrecking to keep wondering if your projects is going as planned especially without a face-to-face communication.

At Imagist3ds, you don’t have to ask; we send project progress via email on a daily basis. Keeping this daily progress update service for the past decades, we’ve gained applause from 200+ clients home and abroad with 98% positive feedback.

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3d Interior Rendering Service

Draft Model → Final

We create a draft model based on your demand,
and after approval of the 3D model, we will do a photorealistic final render.

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Imagist3ds Interior Rendering Service Draft ModelImagist3ds Interior Rendering Service Final Rendering

Who Uses Interior Rendering Service


Realtors and brokers use outsourcing 3D renderings to visualize the property before listing them on marketplace websites.

Home Owners

Homeowners and commercial property owners show how they expect their property built or as online marketing materials.


Architects demonstrate the attractive rendering to the regulatory bodies for project approval.


Marketers of the unbuilt property engages their potential buyer and pre-sell the buildings for better cash flow.

3D Interior Render Price Tier

Limited Time Promotion

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Workflow of 3D Archviz Project

imagist3ds smooth process scaled 1

Step 1. You send us the project brief (plans, drawings, 3D models etc. );
Step 2. We discuss details and deadline together and we send the quote;
Step 3. Start 3D modelling main building and send draft;
Step 4. Add material, textures, lighting and send rendering draft for review (Low-res with watermark) and send revision;
Step 5. Make high-res rendering, (animation) and post-production after draft rendering approved;


1. Still image rendering takes 3-10 days, animations take 2-4 weeks;
2. Final resolution of the rendering is 8,000 pixels;

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Tell us more: I need 4 renderings for our single family project. rendering for a new 6 apartment resort type develpment. restaurant exterior & interior render.

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Sending architectural plan, elevation or reference pictures help us offer a fast and accurate price quote.


We have been working with Imagist3ds for a few years. They are experienced and understand architecture detailing a lot. When communicating, they can easily get the intended look of the project we expect. Awesome work!
Imagist3ds Rendering Service Testimonials
Jennifer Perez
Property Developer

The company understand our requirement and are flexible to help us make our design come into life. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of work. Thank you Imagist3ds for the amazing services.

Imagist3ds Rendering Service Testimonials
Douglas N.

We ordered a 3D interior rendering project. The job was done quickly and efficiently. They took into account all what we wished. My project manager specialist Peter is competent, attentive and patient. He send me email follow-ups on daily basis. Great service.

Imagist3ds Rendering Service Testimonials
Michael Clark
Home Builder
Imagist3ds Clients Logo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Imagist3ds is a reputable and reliable 3D rendering studio for new residential apartment and house 3D renders and renovation interiors:

  • 3D bathroom renders;
  • 3D bedroom renders;
  • 3D kitchen renders;
  • 3D living room renders;
  • 3D ensuite renders;

and also commercial or retail properties interior development renderings:

  • office interior renders;
  • cafe interior renders;
  • restaurant/buffet interior renders;
  • shopping mall interior renders;
  • supermarket interior renders;
  • library interior renders;
  • airport interior renders;
  • exhibition booth interior renders;
As many as you need! Our teams consists of a good number of skilled 3D artists, and dozens of project managers to take up projects of any scale. There’s no long waiting lines, and your projects can be done at premium quality simultaneously.
3Ds Max are commonly used for modeling, V-ray for rendering and Adobe Photoshop for some post-production. Our team of skilled 3D artists are up-to-date as regards the latest architectural technology. We are keen on learning, and honing our skills for better visualization result.

1. Camera Angle
We can match the chosen camera angles you marked on the architectural plan, and if you did not include a desired angle, we can match the camera angle on your reference photos in most cases.

2. Time of Day, Weather and Lighting
If you let us know in advance, we can usually match time-of-day lighting, interior and/or exterior lighting. You can set the rendering scene to be in the morning, at dawn or in a foggy day as you need.

3. Landscape Architecture
We can match most region’s vegetation from our extensive library to create accurate landscaping plans.

4. Furnishings and fixtures
At no extra cost, we can match most interior design styles. However, if you have custom furnishings and fixtures, we can custom create anything needed.

To make sure the 3D artists can focus more on rendering high quality work, we have project managers taking care of all the communication between the teams during the whole process.

Yes, we’ve taken various rendering projects worldwide, including USA, UK, Australia, India, China, Japan and some European countries. Our excellent services has earned us a great number of positive feedback from our customers.

Imagist3ds is not keen on going after the lowest price to boost sale. Quality is our utmost concern, like you do. We don’t take orders unless we are sure we can deliver the best quality we can at a reasonable price.

Moreover, it is hard to provide a fixed flat rate for different projects because all our 3D renderings are customized designs and made based on your specific requirements. The price of our previous renderings varies from $200 to $15,000. 3D rendering prices depends on the rendering type, project scope, numbers and levels of details you require (colors, textures, plants, 3D people, etc.), technical complexity of the task and the delivery time frame (for 3D animation project, video length is also a key variable for the price).

If you would like to get a more accurate quotation, please send a brief about the project via email and we will get back to you with the accurate price.

If you are having an urgent project, Imagist3ds can help. We have the capacity to handle urgent project with premium quality. We will try our utmost best to meet your schedule. Please highlight any deadlines you have upfront, we will try our best to fit your schedule. If you have a complete 3D model to send to us, it will help speed up the process as well.

Thanks for asking, that’s a good question. We can model your project from scratch but a high quality 3D model will help us speed up the process.

However, in many cases, the 3D models our clients send cannot be used directly due to compatibility issue. We will have to fine tune or convert them into a supported format and sometimes, we have to start over and remodel it from scratch.

But if the 3D Models you send to us is a high quality scene from the supported formats that we can directly use for the rendering, we will definitely provide a discount for that.

Please send your project brief, our project manager will evaluate your 3D model files, and give you an accurate quotation.

Thanks for your trust and positive feedback. Please ask your client manager for a discount if your monthly payment amount is more than $2000. We are always open to discuss long-term partnership opportunities.

We require 50% pre-payment to initiate the project, and final payment made before sending the confirmed high-res rendering. We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Western Union and Bank Wire Transfer.

PayPal supports debit card or credit card checkout even if you don’t have an account.

In the Payment page of, scroll down and you will find “Pay with Credit or Debit Card” button. Click on it and input the credit card details as requested. Then, scroll down and find the option of “Continue as Guest”. Now, you can successfully pay without a PayPal account.

Do you have more questions about Imagist3ds rendering services? Check our FAQ page here or contact us directly for an accurate quotation and turnaround time.

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Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Sending architectural plan, elevation or reference pictures help us offer a fast and accurate price quote.