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3D Product Animation Service

Product Manufacturers

Manufacturers across industries such as electronics, appliances, automotive, consumer goods, and more, utilize 3D product animation to showcase their products’ features, functionality, and benefits.

E-commerce Companies

Online retailers and e-commerce use 3D product animation to offer an immersive shopping experience. Animations help customers visualize products from different angles and know their features before purchasing.

Technology Companies

Companies in the tech industry, including software developers, hardware manufacturers, and electronics companies, use 3D product animation to demonstrate the capabilities and usage scenarios of their products.

Marketing Agencies

Creative agencies and marketing firms leverage 3D product animation to create visually appealing and attention-grabbing advertisements, promotional videos, and digital content for their clients.

Product 3D Animation

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Usage Scenarios
Present the product in various lifestyle usage scenarios or environments to demonstrate its versatility and practical applications highlights the key features and benefits of the product, show how it functions, and how it can solve a specific problem or meet a need in real-life situations.
Assembly Process
Demonstrate the step-by-step assembly process of the product, showing how each part comes together. This is particularly useful and widely chose for those designing, marketing and selling complex products or those that require user assembly.
Product Customization
For products offering customization options, such as furniture, clothings, and automotive, showcase different variations or configurations through animated visualizations allows viewers to see the product's versatility and tailor it to their specific preferences.
Exploded View
An exploded view animation breaks down the product into its individual components, showcasing how they fit together and interact. This provides viewers with a clear understanding of the internal structure and mechanisms.
Cross-Section View
A cross-sectional animation reveals the internal workings of the product to provide an in-depth look at its inner mechanisms, materials, and how different components interact.
Before-and-After Transformation
If your product offers transformative or adjustable features, create an animation that showcases the product's transformation from one state to another. This can be compelling and highlight its adaptability.
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Why Imagist3ds Deserves Your Trust

Imagist3ds has worked on more than 1000 rendering and animation projects with over 200 clients during the past decades. We are the first choice of clients from United States, UK, Australia, India, China, Japan and other European countries; we know exactly how to interpret your design and highlight multiple advantages of the your building based on your project specialties. Understanding the prior concern of our clients, we send daily project follow-up with our clients via email. This excellent customer service has garnered us high praise from our clients. 

 “Physical distance is never a concern when working with Imagist3ds, they provide a worry-free 3D product animation service better than some local companies here. My Amazon store has now boost 35% on conversion after integrating Imagist3ds product rendering service.”

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Product 3D Animation Services

for Industrial Designers for Ecommerce Store Owners for Product Manufacturers for Marketers

Welcome to our comprehensive product 3D animation service, designed to cater to all your visual marketing needs. Whether you're aiming to showcase your latest product to potential investors, create captivating crowdfunding campaigns, enhance your product listings on e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Newegg, or make a lasting impact at trade shows, our dedicated team is here to deliver exceptional results. By harnessing the power of 3D animation, we bring your product's features, functionality, and benefits to life in a way that traditional photography or standard videos cannot. Whether you need to impress investors, drive crowdfunding success, optimize your online product listings, or create impactful marketing collateral, our animations set you apart from the competition, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

With our expertise in 3D animation, we breathe life into your products, capturing their essence with stunning visuals and seamless storytelling. Our animations offer a dynamic and immersive experience, allowing your audience to explore and engage with your products from every angle. Whether it's unveiling a groundbreaking innovation during a product launch or captivating attention at trade shows with eye-catching displays, our product 3D animation service is tailored to make your offerings shine. Our customer-centric approach ensures that we understand your unique requirements and align our animations with your brand identity and marketing objectives. We collaborate closely with you throughout the process, ensuring the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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Efficient Workflow

Step 1. You send us the brief (plans, drawings, 3D models, expecting camera path, storyboard, );

Step 2. We discuss details and deadline together and we send the quote;

Step 3. Start 3D modeling and send draft video for camera path, speed and model review;

Step 4. Add material, textures, lighting and send key-frame images for review;

Step 5. Make high-res rendering, and post-production after draft rendering approved;

Note: Approximately turnaround time: 2-4 weeks;


We ordered the 3D rendering and animation project for our design. The team is so efficient and experience. It was a pleasure working with them. All our wishes are taken into account and send the draft video for review. After we've got all necessary corrections done, they send the high res animation video and rendering work. I believe this design would be approved and put into mass production soon.

Imagist3ds Rendering Service Testimonials
Florence N. Campbell
Product Manufacturer

This is the first time I use a 3D animation service. I only send a few reference images and a messy .cad file to the studio. They make a conversation with me to get all details they need to know about my project. Their project manger are super helpful thorough out the project. They’ve done a great high quality work and meet our deadline. Now I know their process and know how to cooperate the next time. Will definitely order more in the future.

Imagist3ds Rendering Service Testimonials
Sophia Copper
Technology Company Marketer

We have a 3D modelled project need help with rendering and a photorealistic animation. The studio quickly understand my idea and done a great work. We’ve seen a growth on conversion rate of our online store and will definitely outsource more project to this company for othere product lines soon.

Imagist3ds Rendering Service Testimonials
Matthew D.
E-commerce Owner

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Compared to 3D still architectural rendering which only focus on a few highlights to draw attentions to a particular view, 3D animation can use close-ups to focus on multiple points of interest from different angles.
Landscapes, vehicles, people, weather conditions and other surroundings can be customized. If you have any ideas, you can contact Imagist3ds and we can discuss together.
  • Listen to your requirements.
  • Offer advise if better solutions are available.
  • Smooth workflow.
  • Quick response to feedback.
  • Respect your deadline.
  • High quality animations according to your requirements.
We save you time of talking to 3D modelers, 3D artists, 3D animators and post-production designers. We have a skilled, dedicated project management team handling your project starting from inquiry. The project manager team handles all communication regarding quotation, progress update, feedback.
It takes about 2-4 weeks for small interior or exterior animations. For larger projects, it depends on the complexity, and scope of work. Please send your brief to our email for a more accurate estimate.
Like the 3D animation rendering time, the cost depends on the complexity of the project, the details, and angles needed as well as the video length required. Check this 3D animation price list or contact us directly for an accurate quote.
Imagist3ds offers still image rendering, animation rendering, floor plan rendering, site plan rendering, floor plan animation, architecture VR and BIM. If you would like to visualize your architecture design. Please don’t hesitate to contact Imagist3ds for a in-depth architectural visualization solution.

If you are having an urgent project, Imagist3ds can help. We have the capacity to handle urgent project with premium quality. We will try our utmost best to meet your schedule. Please highlight any deadlines you have upfront, we will try our best to fit your schedule. If you have a complete 3D model to send to us, it will help speed up the process as well.

Thanks for asking, that’s a good question. We can model your project from scratch but a high quality 3D model will help us speed up the process.

However, in many cases, the 3D models our clients send cannot be used directly due to compatibility issue. We will have to fine tune or convert them into a supported format and sometimes, we have to start over and remodel it from scratch.

But if the 3D Models you send to us is a high quality scene from the supported formats that we can directly use for the rendering, we will definitely provide a discount for that.

Please send your project brief, our project manager will evaluate your 3D model files, and give you an accurate quotation.

We require 50% pre-payment to initiate the project, and final payment made before sending the confirmed high-res rendering. We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Western Union and Bank Wire Transfer.

Do you have more questions about Imagist3ds rendering services? Check our FAQ page here or contact us directly for an accurate quotation and turnaround time.

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