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Starts at $299
(Expires on Aug. 4th)
  • 3-10 days turnaround time
  • 50% pre-payment
  • 4,000 pixels final delivery
  • 2 revisions
  • progress update by phase

3D Product Visualization Is Used As

  1. 3D product renderings and 3D animations can be strategically utilized in digital marketing campaigns across media formats, including advertisements, social media posts, brand websites, and YouTube videos. These eye-catching and dynamic 3D visuals allow brands to vividly showcase product features, capture consumer attention amid crowded digital spaces, and convey key benefits in memorable ways. The use of 3D product visualization gives brands a vital competitive edge.
  2. 3D animations bring products to life in an engaging cinematic fashion when showcased at trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. 3D animated demos highlight unique product facets and capabilities in an attention-grabbing yet informative manner for attendees. This helps brands attract interested prospects, increase booth interactions, and generate market excitement and demand for new product offerings or features.
  3. Interactive 3D models and 360-degree spin capabilities and nuanced zooming into product details can be seamlessly embedded within leading online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. This provides online shoppers with meticulous and comprehensive 3D viewing flexibility that mimics an in-person evaluation, aiding informed purchase decisions. 
  4. Augmented reality experiences triggered by QR codes printed on product brochures and catalogs provide customers with a futuristic gateway into immersive 3D scenes where photorealistic models can be examined up close on smartphones or tablets. Customers can digitally interact with 3D models by walking around them, zooming in, and moving them. 
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Product Listings & Marketing Campaigns

Transform your product listings, social media presence, and advertising endeavors with the magic of photorealistic 3D rendering that highlights selling points. 

customizable product 3d product configurator

Customizable Product 3D Configurators

Interactive configurators allow customers to tailor products from colors to features, and guide them through a unique and engaging shopping journey.

virtual tryon with ar vr technology

Virtual Try-on
through AR/VR

Embrace the future with augmented and virtual reality apps that offer immersive experiences. Let customers virtually try on and fit your products.

booth digital demonstration onscreen

Exhibition Digital
Display Screen

Drawing potential customers’ attention to your website, brick-and-mortar store, and booth through captivating videos that showcase product features and offers. 

3D Interactive Models Embedded into Website

  • Zooming: Immerse your customers in the minutest of details with the power of zooming. Let them get up close and personal, examining every texture and feature, and enabling them to truly grasp the quality and craftsmanship of your offerings.
  • Spinning: Elevate customer engagement by enabling them to spin your products 360 degrees. This interactive feature provides a holistic view, showcasing your items from every angle. Customers can examine products as if they were holding them in their hands, fostering a deeper connection and trust in their purchase decisions.
  • Color/Material Changes: Empower your customers’ creativity by allowing them to change colors and materials in real time. With a few clicks, they can explore various options, ensuring they find the perfect match for their preferences and needs. This dynamic feature provides a sense of customization and personalization, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Simulating Movements: Transport your customers into the heart of product functionality through simulated movements. Show them how your offerings perform in action, whether it’s a device coming to life or a mechanism in motion. This feature adds a dynamic layer of understanding, making it easier for customers to visualize how your products seamlessly integrate into their lives.
  • Customized Environments: Allow customers to demonstrate the products either in sleek minimalist or fully rendered lifelike environment settings. Visualize items in their native context to evaluate fit, style, and suitability. These incredibly detailed 3D renderings build deeper connections and make next-level purchasing confidence
imagist3ds car 3d interactive

* Style and design switching are also supported. However, each customized style involves creating an entirely new 3D model and specialized backend buildout, style-switching capabilities come at an additional cost. Please submit your design files so we can send a tailored quote.

Who Uses Imagist3ds
3D Product Animation Service

Product Manufacturers

Manufacturers across industries such as electronics, appliances, automotive, consumer goods, and more, utilize 3D product animation to showcase their products’ features, functionality, and benefits.

E-commerce Companies

Online retailers and e-commerce use 3D product animation to offer an immersive shopping experience. Animations help customers visualize products from different angles and know their features before purchasing.

Technology Companies

Companies in the tech industry, including software developers, hardware manufacturers, and electronics companies, use 3D product animation to demonstrate the capabilities and usage scenarios of their products.

Marketing Agencies

Creative agencies and marketing firms leverage 3D product animation to create visually appealing and attention-grabbing advertisements, promotional videos, and digital content for their clients.

Imagist3ds Brings Your Design to Life

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Why Imagist3ds Deserves Your Trust

Imagist3ds has worked on more than 1000 rendering and animation projects with over 200 clients during the past decades. We are the first choice of clients from United States, UK, Australia, India, China, Japan and other European countries; we know exactly how to interpret your design and highlight multiple advantages of the your building based on your project specialties. Understanding the prior concern of our clients, we send daily project follow-up with our clients via email. This excellent customer service has garnered us high praise from our clients. 

 “Physical distance is never a concern when working with Imagist3ds, they provide a worry-free 3D product animation service better than some local companies here. My Amazon store has now boost 35% on conversion after integrating Imagist3ds product rendering service.”

Imagist3ds Working Process

Efficient Workflow

Step 1. You send us the brief (plans, drawings, 3D models, expecting camera path, storyboard, );

Step 2. We discuss details and deadline together and we send the quote;

Step 3. Start 3D modeling and send draft video for camera path, speed and model review;

Step 4. Add material, textures, lighting and send key-frame images for review;

Step 5. Make high-res rendering, and post-production after draft rendering approved;

Note: Approximately turnaround time: 2-4 weeks;


We ordered the 3D rendering and animation project for our design. The team is so efficient and experience. It was a pleasure working with them. All our wishes are taken into account and send the draft video for review. After we've got all necessary corrections done, they send the high res animation video and rendering work. I believe this design would be approved and put into mass production soon.

Imagist3ds Rendering Service Testimonials
Florence N. Campbell
Product Manufacturer

This is the first time I use a 3D animation service. I only send a few reference images and a messy .cad file to the studio. They make a conversation with me to get all details they need to know about my project. Their project manger are super helpful thorough out the project. They’ve done a great high quality work and meet our deadline. Now I know their process and know how to cooperate the next time. Will definitely order more in the future.

Imagist3ds Rendering Service Testimonials
Sophia Copper
Technology Company Marketer

We have a 3D modelled project need help with rendering and a photorealistic animation. The studio quickly understand my idea and done a great work. We’ve seen a growth on conversion rate of our online store and will definitely outsource more project to this company for othere product lines soon.

Imagist3ds Rendering Service Testimonials
Matthew D.
E-commerce Owner

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3D product rendering is the process of creating lifelike digital representations of products using computer software. It benefits your business by allowing you to showcase your products in a visually stunning and realistic manner.  Imagist3ds have 13 years of experiences in the 3D rendering & visualization industry and can bring your design to life even before they are physically produced. This helps attract customers, make informed design decisions, and create compelling marketing materials.

Almost any product can be effectively rendered in 3D, including consumer goods, industrial equipment, electronics, furniture, packaging, jewelry & watches, and more. Whether it’s a simple or complex product, Imagist3ds 3D product rendering can accurately capture its design, texture, colors, and materials.

Absolutely! 3D product renderings are an excellent fit for ecommerce websites and online product catalogs. They allow customers to view products from different angles, zoom in on details, and experience a realistic representation before making a purchase decision. This can enhance the visual appeal, engagement, and conversion rates of your online store.

Yes, the rendering service can customize various elements based on your preferences. They can create different background environments, adjust lighting conditions, and apply a wide range of materials to match your desired aesthetic or branding requirements. Collaboration and communication with the rendering service provider will ensure your vision is accurately translated into the renderings.

Yes, 3D product rendering can accurately showcase the finer details and features of your products. Skilled 3D artists can meticulously recreate every aspect of your product, including intricate designs, textures, branding elements, and even lighting effects to ensure a high level of realism.

By outsourcing 3D product rendering, you can leverage the expertise of professionals who specialize in this field. Imagist3ds have the necessary skills, experience, and tools to efficiently create high-quality renderings. Outsourcing saves you the time and effort of setting up an in-house rendering team and investing in expensive software and equipment and staff training.

To start the project, you will need to provide Imagist3ds with your product design files, including CAD files, product specifications, reference images, branding guidelines, and any specific requirements or instructions you may have.

You can use your existing product design files, such as 3D models (in the format we support, otherwise the 3D models will need to be recreated from scratches), as a starting point for the 3D rendering process. However, depending on your requirements, the rendering service may need additional materials, such as texture files, specific lighting setups, or any supplementary details to ensure accurate representation.

The duration of a 3D product rendering project depends on factors such as the complexity of the product, the number of renderings required, the  visualization types needed, and the specific requirements of the project. It can range from a few days to several weeks. Send your project brief and discuss your project timelines with the rendering service provider will give you a more accurate estimate.

The cost of outsourcing 3D product rendering services can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the product, the number of renderings required, the level of detail, and the turnaround time. It’s best to reach out to our project manager and request a quote based on your specific project requirements.

The final 3D renderings are typically delivered in common formats like JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. Additionally, if you ordered 3D interactive, 3D animation or other 3D visualzation types,Imagist3ds will provide you with the 3D scene files in formats such as OBJ, FBX, or STL. These formats can be easily integrated into websites, digital marketing materials.

Yes, most rendering service providers allow for several revisions or changes to the 3D product renderings. It’s important to communicate your feedback and specific revision requests to the service provider. After using up the quota for free revisions, more revisions will requires extra cost. In most cases, our clients have their final renderings that meet their requirements and expectation before the free revision quota used up. 

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