The Adoption of
Architecture Virtual Reality Service

Virtual reality technology has gained fast increasing recognition in the past 20 years. How is VR technology used in the real estate market?

Architecture VR constructs an interactive virtual simulation environment, enabling its users to observe, feel and understand the
spatial relationship, landscape, lighting, shadows and even the sound effects of the 3D floor plan, sand table or renderings, and conduct detailed adjustments where needed. To make architectural VR possible, you will require a headset and hand controllers to have a more immersive experience and vision. Nowadays, more and more architects look for virtual reality solutions whenever new architectural design projects are conceived.

Imagist3ds Architecture VR

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Maximize Architectural Visualization

Virtual reality in real estate helps architects and designers visualize and communicate design ideas and other details to make sure key decision makers clearly understand their idea, and finalize all details in architecture VR before construction, to avoid unnecessary time and budget wastage.

Help Developers Sell at Better Price

Property developers and real estate agents can also take advantages of virtual reality. They can start selling virtual reality real estate even it is yet to be built. A realistic virtual reality helps them sell at a better price with all lightings, landscapes and mood rendered.

Reach More Potential Customers

Realtors can only reach few clients a day because arranging visits and price negotiation can be time-consuming, and only clients in the neighborhood can be reached. Virtual reality eliminates distance barrier and reach more potential clients who are ready to make a deal. It improves efficiency and productivity.

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Augmented Reality in Architecture

Augmented Reality is similar to Virtual Reality but there are obvious difference between them: Traditional VR technology gives users the effect of being completely immersed in the virtual world, while AR architecture technology leads the transition to people-oriented technology with its enhancing perceptions. It enables listening, watching, touching and even smelling to generate a much more immersive experience in the virtual world.

With Imagist3ds architectural AR service, you can also zoom in and out of the 3D model, and also get a 360 degrees of rotation to view the details of the house. Besides, you are even allowed to enter the interior of the building, check the decoration design of each room, furniture layout, etc. With AR, you get truly immersed in your future home.

Architectural Augmented Reality Demo

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Benefits of AR in Architecture

Architecture AR Allows More Creativity

In the past, architects would not try the boldest idea due to the huge costs associated with it, and the risk of it not working out. But, with Augmented Reality integrated, they can design the architecture in a more creative way, at a low-cost budget, and reduce time wastage.

Architecture AR Shortens The Process

Augmented reality in architecture helps us explore and catch any flawed design and effect revisions where necessary to make the building fit perfectly, with the existing environment. This technique helps to skip numerous reworking due to the easy customization AR provides.

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Why Choose Imagist3ds
Architecture VR/AR Services

Imagist3ds provides professional and impeccable VR solutions to architects, designers, property developers, real estate agents and home builders.

At Imagist3ds, we are committed to building the perfect-fit architectural VR solution for our customers, and creating a virtual intelligent identity for our client’s architecture-related business. Our architectural VR visualization experts provide a wide range of frameworks to build a natural and free-flowing form of interaction that is available on different devices.

VR/AR Architecture Service Workflow

Step 1. Gather Project Information
You send us the details of the architecture project, design plans, drawings, mood board, including deadline as a brief.

Step 2. Quotation & Time Frame Set
We evaluate an actual cost of the project and set turnaround time agreed by both parties and sign the project contract to start the project.

Step 3. Keep Daily Progress Update 
We start modeling the architecture designs in 3D, add lighting, materials and mood as requested and send daily progress update via email follow-ups.

Step 4. Send Draft Rendering for Review
We send a low-res draft rendering for comments and make timely revisions.

Step 5. Post-production and Send Final Work
After clients’ feedback is received and fixed, we will conduct post-production, review VR/AR feasibility, and send 3D VR/AR real estate final work after full payment.

Note: If you would like to visualize your architecture design with virtual reality or augmented reality, please send your project brief and get a quotation from us.

Imagist3ds Working Process
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